Building Chemicals and Concentrates


A powerful acid based (9%) cleaner that will remove cement and mortar splashes, grime, oil, grease and other difficult-to-remove stains, from brick work, patios, garages, paving, concrete floors and warehouses.

Application: Apply by brush and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes - do not allow to dry out. Scrub with a stiff brush then rinse thoroughly using a hose pipe. Can be used undiluted for stubborn stains. To remove efflorescence dilute 4 parts water, brush on and rinse off. Note: this product will attack limestone and marble.

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A premium quality, chloride-free, low viscosity liquid that penetrates and chemically seals concrete. Produces a hard wearing, non-dusty surface. Suitable for use on garage, warehouse, factory or workshop floors.

Application: Apply a uniform, thin coat onto the surface brushing in well - do not allow to puddle. Once the first coat has cured (normally overnight) apply a second coat. Very porous surfaces may need further applications. After last application leave for 24 hours to allow final coat to dry. Note: Do not use on masonry or coloured concrete. Very dense powder floated floors may not permit effective penetration. Do not wash floor for at least 24 hours after final coat.

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A high performance building chemical that increases frost resistance and accelerates setting time of cements by improving the rate of hydration. Specially developed for brick laying and rendering, etc. At low and sub-zero temperatures. Added to the mix, this product will improve workability and increase strength gain and resistance to water penetration. It allows up to a 15% reduction of gauging water, and can also reduce curing times and shrinkage. Chloride-free. CE Approved: EN934-2: 2009.

Application: Add to cement mix. Reduce the amount of gauging water as appropriate (maximum reduction 15%). At temperatures below 4°C the use of hot water is recommended.

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An acid based cleaner formulated to remove unsightly stains caused by numerous every day occurrences, as well as builders splatter.

Application: For removing cement and mortar splashes, light oil stains and grease from brickwork, paving, tiles, earthenware and concrete. Bond It HIGH STRENGTH BRICK ACID should not interfere with the various types of concrete and stone (except limestone and marble) commonly encountered in the general building area. Efflorescence can also be removed by using this product diluted. Coverage: Approximately 30-60m² per 5 Litres.

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A concentrated disinfectant for the removal and prevention of green mould, lichens and algae on hard surfaces.

  • • Kills and controls green mould, lichens and algae.
  • • Biodgradable.
  • • Anti-bacterial.
  • • Long lasting.
  • • No bleach or acids.
  • • Long lasting.

Simple 3 Step System - dilute, apply, leave to dry.


A sodium hydroxide based drain unblocker for dissolving blockages and eradicating bad odours.

Uses: Suitable for unblocking drains and dissolving blockages in sinks, showers and pipes. This product is not for use in toilets.

  • • Dissolves blockages in 15 minutes.
  • • Kills germs and eliminates bad odours.
  • • For use in sinks, showers and bath plug-holes.
  • • Safe to use in all pipes
  • • Sinks through standing water


A high strength cement waterproofer for internal and external rendering, roof screeds, swimming pools, tanks, retaining walls, basement walls and reservoirs. Improves workability and plasticity of concrete and mortar in the wet state and resists water penetration even under pressure. Available in Pink.

Application: Add to gauging water. To obtain maximum benefit the minimum amount of water should be used in the mix together with an appropriately rich cement to sand aggregate ratio. In application, the mortar must be well compacted to give a dense homogenous body. Available as either a pink or green liquid.

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A chemically balanced plasticiser, based on synthetic air entraining agents, designed to improve workability of brick laying and plastering mortars and increases their resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. Reduces the risk of cracking and crazing and the need for lime. CE Approved: EN934-3:2009.

Application: Add to the cement mix.

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A powerful cleaning agent that removes all types of algae, moss and lichens from brick, stone, roof tiles, concrete, wood, tarmacadam, painted surfaces, decking, garden furniture, paviours, plastic and glass.

Application: Eradicate moss and algae safely. No more slippery footpaths and walkways. Non-toxic - safe for pets & wildlife. No preparation - no scrubbing - no rinsing! Note: will scorch foliage where it makes contact.

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A chemical cleaner that eradicates active mildew, lichens, moss and bacteria and discourages any re-growth once eradicated. Highly effective for treating most substrates including walls (masonry, brickwork, plaster and concrete), roofs (slate, fibre/cement, corrugated iron, lead, built-up felt, timber and concrete) and floors (wood, concrete and asphalt).

Application: Apply 2 coats using a brush or low pressure spray. Scrub into the surface and allow to stand for 24 hours. If the surface is to be treated with another material (eg. Bond It WATERSEAL) it must first be washed with water. Now available in a handy 1L spray bottle for localised cleaning.

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A chemical release agent for mould and shutter surfaces prior to casting concrete, giving a clean release. After removal of formwork the convrete will have a small uniform hard finish with reduced incidence of blow holes.

Application: Suitable for use on plywood, timber, steel and plastic faced formwork. Coverage: up to 60m² per litre dependant on porosity.

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PATINATION OIL (500ml / 1L / 2L)

Protective coating for new lead and restored lead. Specially designed to minimise unsightly staining on newly applied lead and the materials fixed below it. Provides even colour and protects surfaces.

Application: The oil should be applied as soon as possible, immediately after each step of the leadwork has been completed.

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A ready-to-use internal plaster bonding agent wih added aggregate to provide a key when plastering on smooth surfaces. Contains sand/aggregate to provide plaster key. Ready-to-use, one coat application. Perfect for use on smooth substrates. Pigmented yellow to identify treated areas. Phthalate free formulation.

Application: Should be used as a primer/ bonding aid prior to plastering on surfaces such as concrete, plaster and difficult, low or non-porous substrates.

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A one part, ready-to-use, extra grip, external render bonding agent with added aggregate to provide a key Bonding agent for exterior walls. For use on concrete, brickwork, light blockwork. Single application, render once cured.

• Light green in colour for easy identification of treated areas.
• Reduces suction on porous surfaces.
• Improves adhesion on smooth surfaces.
• Waterproof.

Application: For use as an effective bonding agent for render to concrete, brickwork and blockwork. And as a bonding agent to improve adhesion to smooth surfaces. For external use. Apply by brush or roller.

POWDER MORTAR PLASTICISER (25Kg / 3Kg - 200 Sachets)

A resin based mortar plasticiser, supplied in a powder form, which can be effectively used for brick laying and rendering. An air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix, increasing both plasticity and workability to prevent shrinkage, cracking and crazing during the setting process. Will also provide a degree of resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. This product conforms to BS4887:1986 Part 1.

Application: Add contents of sachet directly to the mixer at any stage or mix with the gauging water.

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SBR ADMIXTURE (5L / 25L / 200L)

A styrene butadiene copolymer latex, which increases flexibility of cement screeds and mortars and improves water and chemical resistance and durability. Suitable for internal and external floors and rendering in areas of continual or intermittent water and chemical contract. Excellent waterproofing admixture that improves adhesion of cementious screeds and reduces shrinkage and cracking when repairing floor screeds. Also ideal as a bonding agent for new to old concrete.

Application: Can be used either as a bonding agent or as an admixture, or general purpose primer (tiling, etc) see the relevant technical data sheet for details.

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A white, ready-to-use, water based treatment for bonding and priming surfaces prior to painting and decorating. Suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied to damp surfaces. Stabilises poor surfaces, seals & binds chalky or weathered areas, gives a sound base for decorating and quick drying.

Application: For use as a pre-treatment for surfaces which are old, weathered, chalky or porous. Suitable for use on most substrates including concrete, cement, plaster, plasterboard, renders, pebble dash and MDF, etc. NOTE: Not to be applied when the temperature is below 5°C or when rain or frost is imminent.

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A premium grade, solvent-free silicone waterseal conforming to BS6477 part 1,3 and 4. Provides a micro-porous water-repellant coating for masonry work, which, while repelling exterior water, allows the emission of water vapour ensuring the interiors and cavity walls remain dry. Used as a masonry waterproofer suitable for use on brick, stone, concrete and unglazed tiles. It protects the surface against water and frost, providing a micro-porous coating which does not change the aesthetic appearance of a building. A secondary benefit of the product is to repel waterborne dirt and resist fungal growth as well as help reducing heating costs, as energy is not wasted in drying out damp walls.

Application: This product is ready -to-use. Shake well before use. Apply using a brush or non-atomising spray. Conforms to BS6477.

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A premium waterseal designed to repel water from exterior masonry work which allows walls to breathe, reducing the risk of damage cuased by water and frost. Conforms to BS6477 substrate groups I & II. Protects against water and frost, providing a breathable coating which does not change the physical appearance of the building.

Application: Used as a masonry waterproofer suitable for use onbrick, stone and concrete. It will repel waterborne dirt and resist fungal growth as well as help reducing heating costs as energy is not watsed in drying out wet walls. Offers years of protection.

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A premium quality, concentrated mortar plasticiser designed to improve the workability of brick laying and plastering mortars, as well as increasing their resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. Use of Power-Mix also removes the need for lime and reduces the risk of cracking and crazing. Conforms to: BS4887.

Application: Add the required amount of liquid to the gauging water. This product is 20 times stronger than standard mortar plasticiser.

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A premium quality, concentrated waterproofing solution and render admixture. Addition of POWER-PROOF markedly improves the workability and plasticity of concrete. It is formulated to be non-corrosive, containing no chloride additives. Conforms to: BS4887.

Application: To provide waterproofing for internal and external rendering, roofing screeds, swimming pools, tanks, rendering walls, basements walls and reservoirs. The required amount of liquid is simply added to the gauging water.

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A premium quality, concentrated waterproofing solution and render admixture. Addition of POWER-PROOF markedly improves the workability and plasticity of concrete. It is formulated to be non-corrosive, containing no chloride additives. Conforms to: BS4887.

Application: To provide waterproofing for internal and external rendering, roofing screeds, swimming pools, tanks, rendering walls, basements walls and reservoirs. The required amount of liquid is simply added to the gauging water.

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A xylene and lead free, high performance, fast drying, pigmented solvent based permanent stain blocking coating. CFC Free.

Uses: For use prior to redecoration on spot marking, water marks and stubborn stains. Suitable for interior use on most building surfaces including brick, plaster, paint and wood. When correctly applied it produces a fast drying, stain block coating ready for redecoration. Touch dry after 15 minutes. Ready for redecorating in approx 2 hours.

Eco Cem-Klene (Cement Cleaner)

Fast acting cement, concrete and mortar cleaner with low environmental impact.

Uses: Suitable for cleaning tools, cement mixers and removing efflorescence and mortar stains from walls, patios and paths. Can be diluted and used as a general purpose cleaner for ingrained dirt, grease and stains on concrete.

  • • Non aggressive
  • • Non corrosive
  • • Biodegradable formula
  • • Removes wet and cured cement, mortar and concrete
  • • Removes efflorescence
  • • Cleans stains from pathways and patios
  • • Cleans tools and cement mixers

POWDERED CEMENT DYE (500g / 1kg / 12.5kg)

A range of easy-to-use, chloride-free permanent cement colourants. Can be used to pigment cement, mortar, concrete and renderings. Add to mix before addition of water.

Available colours: Black / Brown / Red / Buff

FIRE CEMENT (2kg / 5kg)

A buff coloured, ready to use cement which has a consistency similar to putty. It is resistant to high temperatures and is both air and heat setting. Fire Cement is a blend of high quality clays and selected fillers that sets rock hard when exposed to heat. Does not contain asbestos.

Suitable for use on any surface that is exposed to high temperatures including: fitting continuous burning fires, setting tiles, jointing iron flue pipes, building and repairing firebacks, mending cracked and broken bricks in grates and stoves, pointing between metals and bricks.

Note: The cement is water soluble and should not be used outside or where joints can be eroded by water.

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