Building Repair


Product Description

A cement based product which is simple to apply and sets hard in approximately 30 minutes. For us as a patch repair or where installations require a fast repair job. For internal and external repairs to most masonry substrates; for gap and crack filling, jointing and sealing earthenware pipes and drains, patching steps and windowsills, setting and bedding WCs, sinks, railings and posts. Fills holes and cracks in concrete, brick, blocks and stone. Sets in the cold and wet. Conforms to EN1504-3.


Add water and mix to a smooth mortar. Apply using a trowel or filling knife. Can be applied up to a thickness of 25mm.

Patch it


Ultra Floor Patch IT is a rapid drying, fast setting and hardening cementitious repair mortar for internal applications. Its slump free characteristics make it ideal for vertical and horizontal repairs. It is conveniently packaged in an outer plastic container to minimise potential damage in transit and also to maintain the reactivity rates of the cements once the bag is opened.

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Wetmix Patch Repair Mortar

Ideal for making good after;

  • • cabling installations
  • • waste pipe fitting
  • • soil pipe fitting
  • • boiler fitting
  • • And much more!

Grey / Brown when dry

  • • Scoop & Go technology use straight from the tub
  • • Durable trade formulation performs like dry mix equivalents
  • • Suitable for interior and exterior applications excellent for masonry and brickwork
  • • For the repair of holes, breaks, cracks and other imperfections in all mortar beds
  • • Sets in around 4 hours
  • • Use what you need then re-seal until next time


  • • A small amount of liquid may be observed on the product surface, this is perfectly normal and will not affect the products performance. Work this into product before use
  • • Use a wire brush to remove all loose material, dust and dirt from the area to be repaired. If there is any oil or grease on the area this must be removed prior to effecting the repair
  • • Apply the concrete/mortar repair as it comes from the tub using standard concrete/mortar application tools
  • • Finish the job by smoothing off using a suitably sized trowel or similar

Drying Time

  • • To touch dry approx. 4-6 hours at 20C. To be firm to final set after 24 hrs at 10mm deep. Drying time will be extended in cold or humid conditions.