Colt Top All Purpose

Colt Tops work on the same principle as Colt Cowls but are more efficient as their circular shape creates lift whichever direction the wind is blowing, eliminating downdraught. Rain drains help divert water outside the chimney pot.

All Colt Tops have been tested and approved for use on all fuel burning appliances under the test conditions of BSEN-1856-1:2003.

Rotorvent Turbolite

This relatively new revolving cowl is lighter, more aerodynamic and more efficient than the original Rotorvent® and now comes with an additional strap fixing kit included.

The same high specifications that made the original Rotorvent® such a popular product are included in this product as standard. Fins are made from stainless steel, and the same fin fixing method which has been tried and tested for many years is still utilised.

Electric Chimney Fan

The Electric Chimney Fan ensures the disposal of fumes from even the most obstinate of fire, stove, boiler and chimney problems. Chimney too short, too long, too exposed or contorted? Fireplace too small or too large? The chimney fan ensures the system will function correctly.

Available to fit a variety of flue sizes with different power units. Available by Special Order.


The traditional design of the Windmaster cowl means that a constant draught is produced up the flue regardless of wind direction or strength. Available in sizes between 100mm and 300mm and manufactured from stainless steel.

Spark Arrestor

The Brewer Spark Arrestor will in normal circumstances inhibit the emission of sparks from the chimney. However as with all spark arrestors the emission of some sparks may occur and Brewer accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage.

The Brewer Spark Arrestor is available in a variety of sizes between 100mm and 300mm to suit most chimneys and manufactured from stainless steel.

Traditional H Cowl

The Traditional H Cowl is designed to ensure that no matter what the wind direction or strength the flue or chimney is protected from downdraught.

Aspirator/Revolving Cowl

Whatever the weather, no matter how hard the wind blows, the stainless steel, wind driven turbine maintains efficient draw in the flue. Can be used in solid fuel, oil or gas flues and chimneys and is simply attached using stainless steel hook, bolts provided.

The Aspirator can also be widely seen on landfill sites and such developments where it is used en masse to ventilate away the dangers of methane gas. Available in two sizes.


The nuisance caused by birds, squirrels, leaves or other debris is now easily remedied by the fitting of a birdguard. The integral rain cap reduces rain entry and subsequent structural damage caused by freeze/thaw cycle. Gas birdguard has a smaller mesh, solid fuel has a larger mesh to reduce clogging.

Chimney Balloon

Banish cold draughts or heat disappearing up the chimney with this re-usable product.

Chimney Capper

Rain entry into dead chimneys is one of the main causes of decay.

UFO Cowl

The Ultimate Flue Outlet, anti down draught, is a fully assembled cowl with strapped fixing, for solid, and gas fuel systems. Adjusts to fit 150mm to 250mm flues and pots. When The UFO Cowl is used on solid fuel systems the gas birdguard MUST be removed.

Aerodyne Cowl

An anti down draught cowl for solid fuel. As wind from any direction passes through the cowl the unique venturi shaped surfaces cause a drop in air pressure, which draws smoke and fumes up the chimney for dispersal. Adjustable to fit 150mm to 250mm internal flue diameter.

NOT suitable for gas systems.

Lobster Cowl

This design ensures that the rotating head always has its back to the wind so allowing efficient exhaust of fumes and smoke.

Available in Standard Model with sleeve fitting in Galvanised or S/steel, made to order for specific sizes POA.