Ground Repairs

Wet Mix Patch Repair Mortar (8kg)

Ideal for making good after: - Cabling installations - Waste pipe fitting - Soil pipe fitting - Boiler fitting and much more!

  • • Scoop & Go Technology - use straight from the tub
  • • Durable trade formulation - performs like dry mix equivalents
  • • Suitable for interior and exterior applications; excellent for masonry and brickwork
  • • For the repair of holes, breaks, cracks and other imperfections in all mortar beds
  • • Sets in around 4 hours
  • • Use what you need then re-seal until next time

Wet Mix Patch Repair Concrete (8kg)

Ideal for making good after: - Drain installations - Channeling floors for pipes and cables - Access holes through block walls and much more!

  • • Scoop & Go Technology - use straight from the tub
  • • Durable trade formulation - performs like dry mix equivalents
  • • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • • For the repair of holes, breaks, cracks and other imperfections in concrete
  • • Sets in around 4 hours
  • • Use what you need then re-seal until next time

Organic Cleaner (2.5L)

A powerful cleaning agent that removes all types of algae, moss and lichens from brick, stone, roof tiles, concrete, wood, tarmacadam, painted surfaces, decking, garden furniture, paviours, plastic and glass.

Eradicate moss and algae safely. No more slippery footpaths and walkways. Non-toxic - safe for pets & wildlife. No preparation - no scrubbing - no rinsing! Note: will scorch foliage where it makes contact.

Asphalt Crack Repair (20L)

A bitumen polymer modified crack repair filler for asphalt and tarmac surfaces. Flexible to allow movement and expansion in tarmac surfaces giving long lasting protection against water ingress.

Simple to use: pour into a watering can or any spouted can and pour into cracks. 20lt

Cold Macadam Bitmac Repair (25kg)

Bitmac Repair Macadam suitable for repairs to bitmac surfaces. Product is ready
to use, can be applied in wet or dry conditions. Ideal for repairs between 25 mm to 75mm deep. Please use a tamper to compact material. Quick setting can be trafficked normally within one hour.

Pot Hole Repair (25kg)

A cold lay asphalt concrete pot hole repair compound. Simple to use on drives and paths. No water or mixing required. Use in wet, freezing and hot conditions. Instant trafficking. Compatible with flexible road surfaces. Solvent-free. High skid resistance. Zero waste. A specifically designed solution for roads, pavements and car parks. The product can be trafficked instantly and is compatible with the existing road surface. Can be applied at depths of up to 100mm. Contains bitumen. Approx coverage 1m² compacted.

Tarmac Restorer (4L)

Heavy duty acrylic solvent free paint used to coat Asphalt or “Bitmac” Tarmac surfaces. Upgrades and refurbishes old drab tarmac surfaces. Forms a flexible waterproof membrane over surface.

Excellent resistance to UV and weathering. Covers old stains and marks. Use paint more economically over light trafficked areas.

Joint Fill (15kg)

A single component joint filling system for the simple and rapid pointing of
paved areas with joints of 5mm. Ready-to-use, simple brush application. A unique blend of polymers and aggregates that bind together chemically. On exposure to the atmosphere Joint-Fill forms a stable solid mass that is unaffected by the weather.

Eliminates the need for sand/cement pointing! Suitable for domestic and commercial installations, inside and out. Joint-Fill is also compatible with most types of paving including natural stone, terracotta, clay, concrete and cobble stones. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and safe to use. Gives an attractive finish. Suitable installations: patios, piazzas, shopping centres, car parks, pathways, service areas, any paved area!

Bitumen Stripper

Bitumen Stripper is a specially designed solvent stripper for removing bitumen and glue from floors, normally used after vinyl or carpet tiles have been lifted from a floor. Bitumen Stripper may also be used under controlled conditions for removing tar stains.

Brick & Patio Cleaner (2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A powerful acid based (9%) cleaner that will remove cement and mortar splashes, grime, oil, grease and other difficult-to-remove stains, from brick work, patios, garages, paving, concrete floors and warehouses.

Application: Apply by brush and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes - do not allow to dry out. Scrub with a stiff brush then rinse thoroughly using a hose pipe. Can be used undiluted for stubborn stains. To remove efflorescence dilute 4 parts water, brush on and rinse off. Note: this product will attack limestone and marble.

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Dustproof & Hardener (5L / 25L)

A premium quality, chloride-free, low viscosity liquid that penetrates and chemically seals concrete. Produces a hard wearing, non-dusty surface. Suitable for use on garage, warehouse, factory or workshop floors.

Application: Apply a uniform, thin coat onto the surface brushing in well - do not allow to puddle. Once the first coat has cured (normally overnight) apply a second coat. Very porous surfaces may need further applications. After last application leave for 24 hours to allow final coat to dry. Note: Do not use on masonry or coloured concrete. Very dense powder floated floors may not permit effective penetration. Do not wash floor for at least 24 hours after final coat.

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Frostproofer & Hardener (5L / 25L)

A high performance building chemical that increases frost resistance and accelerates setting time of cements by improving the rate of hydration. Specially developed for brick laying and rendering, etc. At low and sub-zero temperatures. Added to the mix, this product will improve workability and increase strength gain and resistance to water penetration. It allows up to a 15% reduction of gauging water, and can also reduce curing times and shrinkage. Chloride-free. CE Approved: EN934-2: 2009.

Application: Add to cement mix. Reduce the amount of gauging water as appropriate (maximum reduction 15%). At temperatures below 4°C the use of hot water is recommended.

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Integral Waterproofer (5L / 25L)

A high strength cement waterproofer for internal and external rendering, roof screeds, swimming pools, tanks, retaining walls, basement walls and reservoirs. Improves workability and plasticity of concrete and mortar in the wet state and resists water penetration even under pressure. Available in Pink.

Application: Add to gauging water. To obtain maximum benefit the minimum amount of water should be used in the mix together with an appropriately rich cement to sand aggregate ratio. In application, the mortar must be well compacted to give a dense homogenous body. Available as either a pink or green liquid.

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Mould & Mildew Wash (5L)

A chemical cleaner that eradicates active mildew, lichens, moss and bacteria and discourages any re-growth once eradicated. Highly effective for treating most substrates including walls (masonry, brickwork, plaster and concrete), roofs (slate, fibre/cement, corrugated iron, lead, built-up felt, timber and concrete) and floors (wood, concrete and asphalt).

Application: Apply 2 coats using a brush or low pressure spray. Scrub into the surface and allow to stand for 24 hours. If the surface is to be treated with another material (eg. Bond It WATERSEAL) it must first be washed with water. Now available in a handy 1L spray bottle for localised cleaning.

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Line Marking Spray (750ml)

A lead-free, high performance, fast drying resin system line marking paint. Hard wearing, fast drying, excellent UV stability, CFC free and non-clogging!

Application: Suitable for interior and exterior use, e.g. car parks, tennis courts, factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, schools, etc. Can be used on asphalt, concrete, wood composites, gravel and grass. Also ideal for survey work. 750ml

Patio Seal (5L)

A premium grade, eco-friendly solution designed to protect blocks and patios from water penetration, oil/petrol/grease spillages and dirt and grime build up. For enhancing the present colour and greatly extending the lifespan of block paving driveways or paths and patios.

The product is ready to use. Shake well before use. Ensure a dry surface and apply using a brush or roller, ensuring no ponding occurs. For best results apply two coats, allowing 3-4 hours between coats. Do not apply to wet surfaces, in conditions of high humidity or when rain is imminent.

Eco Cem-Klene (Cement Cleaner)

Fast acting cement, concrete and mortar cleaner with low environmental impact.

Uses: Suitable for cleaning tools, cement mixers and removing efflorescence and mortar stains from walls, patios and paths. Can be diluted and used as a general purpose cleaner for ingrained dirt, grease and stains on concrete.

  • • Non aggressive
  • • Non corrosive
  • • Biodegradable formula
  • • Removes wet and cured cement, mortar and concrete
  • • Removes efflorescence
  • • Cleans stains from pathways and patios
  • • Cleans tools and cement mixers