Levelling Compounds

Tremco ES200 Liquid DPM One Coat

Tremco ES200 (formerly Treadfast Fastrak Universal) is a solvent free, two part, epoxy based damp proof membrane which achieves emicode EC1 status. Tremco ES200 Fastrak Universal DPM has been developed specifically for suppressing residual moisture in concrete and sand/cement subfloors and provides a guaranteed surface damp proof membrane with a single coat liquid application.


A polymeric, liquid latex for use with LevelMaster Self-Levelling Compound. Will improve adhesion and wearing properties. Suitable for use on concrete, well braced timber, mastic asphalt and quarry tiles. Casein-free.

Application: Add 4.5L liquid to 20Kg of powder and mix to a smooth consistency. Mix only enough to use within 20 minutes.


Manufactured from a controlled blend of special sands, cements and synthetic polymers to give a high quality flooring product which is practically self-levelling and smoothing. Latex Plus can be used to prepare most rigid surfaces prior to the installation of floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet and ceramic floor tiles. Latex Plus can be used on sub floors such as sand/cement screed, concrete, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and correctly prepared DOMESTIC wooden floors, over underfloor and under tile heating, flooring grade asphalt and floors with minor water resistant adhesive residue contamination.

1. 2-pack u Self-smoothing. 2. Can be laid up to 6mm (12mm with added granite chippings). 3. Dense, smooth finish 4. Protein Free 5. Foot traffic in 4 hours 6. Suitable for use over underfloor heating 7. CE Approved: EN13813 CT-C40-F10.


A one part, cementitious, chloride / protein free, levelling compound. When mixed with water it provides a smooth, level base for most common internal floor types such as concrete and sand / cement screed.

LEVELMASTER SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND is an ideal underlay for levelling most common internal subfloors prior to the installation of floor coverings. Note: Not suitable for use with under floor heating installations or areas subject to limited movement / vibration. LEVELMASTER AD-FLOOR should be used. LEVELMASTER SELF-LEVELLING FLOOR COMPOUND is not suitable for use with a flexible additive.

LEVELMASTER SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND is: - Self smoothing; - Accepts foot traffic after 3 - 4 hours depending on temperature and humidity; - Is pre-blended requiring only the addition of water; - Has 30 minute open time; - Is single pack and easy to use; - Can be laid up to 6mm;- Can be trowelled to a feather edge; CE Approved: EN 13813 CT-C16-F4


A synthetic, gypsum, interior self-levelling compound. For use from 1mm-30mm or 10mm-45mm when bulked out with silica sand/granite chippings. High strength values (40 Newton compression strength) with low stress. Protein-free, very low emissions (EC 1). It is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and for castor wheel loading.

Application: May be used over all substrates but particularly over Gypsum screeds. It is used in conjunction with SHP primer to overlay old firmly bonded resilient floorcoverings. Product is pumpable. Note: the correct sub-floor preparation must be conducted prior to laying any flooring systems. Consult our technical department for details.

Approx Coverage: 25Kg of powder plus 6.0 litres water will cover approx 5.5m² @3mm thickness.


A synthetic, gypsum, fibre reinforced, interior self levelling compound. For use from 3-15mm thickness. This product has a high compression strength of 40 N/mm² but is also highly flexible and has low stress. It is protein-free, chromate free, has low pH values and good working properties. It carries the EC1 rating for very low emissions.

Application: Simply add water. Due to its high flexural strength this product is ideal for use on surfaces with movement capabilities, particularly on timber floor boards, chipboard (V100), plywood as well as most common substrates. It is also part of a system to renovate VERY bad subfloors of any construction. APF is quick drying and can take foot traffic in approximately 3 hours. It is pumpable & has a German patent. Note: the correct sub-floor preparation must be conducted prior to laying any flooring systems. Consult our technical department for details. Approximate Coverage: 25Kg of powder plus 5.5 litres water will cover approx 5.5m² @3mm thickness.


A cementitious, self-levelling, water mix, interior flooring compound. For use from 3mm-40mm thickness or 10mm-60mm when bulked out with silica sand / 3mm granite chippings. Has low stress levels, high strength values (25 Newton compression strength) and very low emissions (EC 1R). It is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and for castor wheel loading. This product is protein-free and frost resistant.

Application: Simply add water as per bag instructions. Product is pumpable. Suitable for new build and refurb work and can be used over concrete, cement and gypsum screeds (refer to data sheet), new mastic asphalt screeds (IC10 & IC15). Both VD and SHP primers can be used with this product as required. Note: the correct sub-floor preparation must be conducted prior to laying any flooring systems. Consult our technical department for details. Coverage: 25Kg powder plus 4.4 litres water will cover approx 5m² @3mm thickness.

Ultra Level It Two

Level IT two is a 2 part self levelling floor compound that combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component. Level IT two levelling compound is suitable for use over cementitious floor substrates, hard adhesives residues, asphalt and timber, and can also be used under Ultra Floor Damp Proof Membranes. Open time 20-30 minutes, set time 2.5 hours.

- Polymer Modified. - 0-12mm Depth. - Rapid Set. - Latex Flexible Levelling Compound. - Under Floor Heating. - Non Shrink. - Protein Free. - Timber Substrates

Features: Two part bag and bottle system, with latex for flexible floor levelling. Ideal for use on wooden floors with slight flexural movement. Suitable for most common substrates, prepared tiles, wooden floors and floors with under floor heating. . The product has enhanced quality and can be laid to depths of 12mm with added aggregate however this will render it unsuitable for use with wooden floors. At 3mm bed thickness, one mixed bag of Ultra Level IT two will cover 5m². We recommend a set time of approximately 2-3 hours.

Ultra Level It Super 30 (5L / 25kg)

Level It Super 30 is a two-part, rapid setting, self-levelling, floor compound designed for irregular floor substrates. It will allow foot traffic after only 30 minutes and is ready to receive a decorative floor covering after 3 hours. Suitable for use over most rigid and stable cement based sub-floors. Open time 5-10 minutes, set time 30 minutes.

Ultra Floor Level IT SmoothFlow

A single part concrete floor levelling compound which contains a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cements and polymers for smoothing and levelling uneven internal floors prior to the application of decorative floor coverings.


The product is an ideal material for filling holes, depressions and cracks in cementitious sub-floors, concrete stairs and concrete sills as well as forming ramps and coves. The product’s slump free formulation affords exceptional strength and hardness qualities, and is suitable for both internal and external patch repairs. Suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Product sets in approximately 20 minutes. Rapid setting repair mortar for use from 2 to 35 mm. Suitable for direct bonding of coverings in interior areas. Suitable for patching, filling, smoothing and levelling of concrete, cement screeds and rapid cement screed systems, gypsum screeds, old substrates such as ceramic tiles, old water-resistant adhesive residues, magnesia screeds and wooden substrates.

Feather IT

A smoothing and patching compound that has exceptional bond to sand/cement screeds, concrete or plywood, without the need to use a primer. It can be used as a scratch coat to fill wood grain and for joints between sheets of plywood. Capable of achieving thickness from feather of up to 3mm. Also suitable for smoothing and patching ridges, trowel marks and other surface depressions. Open time 10-20 minutes, foot traffic after 1 hour


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