Miscellaneous Products

Anti-Climb Paint

A non-oxidising specialist coating, developed to deter and prevent unwanted intruders from entering premises. Formulated to remain soft and slippery, it also contains an identifying agent which will mark anyone who comes into contact with it.

Anti-Climb Paint is easily applied to most surfaces, including metal and wooden fences, brick walls, sills, gutters, fall pipes, roofs and even chain fencing. Once applied, the coated surfaces will be virtually impossible to climb or scale.

Powdered Cement Dye

A range of easy-to-use, chloride-free permanent cement colourants. Can be used to pigment cement, mortar, concrete and renderings. Add to mix before addition of water.

Available colours: Black, Brown, Red, Buff

Available sizes: 500g, 1kg, 12.5kg

Fire Cement

A buff coloured, ready to use cement which has a consistency similar to putty. It is resistant to high temperatures and is both air and heat setting. Fire Cement is a blend of high quality clays and selected fillers that sets rock hard when exposed to heat. Does not contain asbestos.

Suitable for use on any surface that is exposed to high temperatures including: fitting continuous burning fires, setting tiles, jointing iron flue pipes, building and repairing firebacks, mending cracked and broken bricks in grates and stoves, pointing between metals and bricks.

Note: The cement is water soluble and should not be used outside or where joints can be eroded by water.

Ready-Mixed Multi-Purpose Filler

An all purpose ready mixed filler for repairs inside and out. Gives a crack resistant, smooth, finish that can be sanded, overpainted or stained once dried.

Uses: Fills gaps and holes in plaster, brick, plasterboard, render, stone and wood and most other building materials. Dries to a smooth, crack resistant finish, that can be sanded, over painted or stained once dried.


  • • Waterbased
  • • Crack resistant
  • • Excellent grip properties
  • • Overpaintable
  • • Extra smooth finish
  • • For interior and exterior use

Glass Protection

High Quality Glass Protection Film

This film is versatile and offers excellent surface protection from scratches and scuffs. Each product has been produced to a very high standard and offers excellent adhesion with no residue upon removal. Offering UV light resistance with good long term aging.


  • • UV stable
  • • Fast & Low noise removal easy to remove
  • • 3-6 month outdoor guarantee
  • • Prevents damage
  • • Non residue after laser cutting
  • • Excellent value for money

Sizes available: 600mm x 100m 50 micron

Colours available: Blue and Clear

Pallet Wrap

This high quality high strength black film protects your valuable products while stabilising and securing a pallet load. The black stretch film also disguises your goods to reduce the risk of theft.

Sizes available: 500mm x 300m, 23 micron

Colours available: Clear

Cover It

HARDFLOOR PROTECTOR - Hard Surface Protector On A Roll

A high performance, self-adhesive protection material for covering and protecting hard floors and surfaces against mess, dirt, spillages and staining, etc. whilst painting and decorating, plastering, tiling and general building and maintenance projects.

  • • Protects against costly damage to most surfaces.
  • • Easy application, simply unwind and COVER-IT.
  • • Waterproof - good against paint and liquid spillages.
  • • Safer to use than loose dust sheets and covers as it adheres to the surface.
  • • Quick removal.
  • • Heavy duty.
  • • Can be left down for up to 4 weeks.
  • • In areas of heavy traffic, eg. doorways, repeat application may be required. COVER-IT can be applied over itself provided the surface is freee from dust, moisture and grease.
  • • Excellent for stairs.

Heavy Duty Cotton Twill Dust Sheets

Ideal for covering all furniture and fittings while decorating, cleaning and storing.

Protects from spills and splashes. Hard wearing cotton resists wear from tools, step ladders and foot traffic. Reusable, cost saving and value for money. Can be washed.

Size: 12ft x 9ft.

All Purpose Polythene Dust Sheets

Ideal for covering all furniture and fittings while decorating, cleaning and storing.

Waterproof; Rotproof; Medium weight

Size: 12ft x 9ft.

Building Paper

Useful in a wide variety of construction applications, including roofing, flooring, and as a general jobsite protective covering. When used as an inner liner in wall, roofing, or wood flooring applications, it acts as a separation barrier, protecting against wind and dust infiltration, while minimizing squeaks. It is compatible with coal tar and asphalt-based roofing systems.


High performance aluminium flashing

NO LEAD is a high performance low cost aluminium flashing suitable for use as an alternative to traditional lead in both flat and pitched roof applications. NO LEAD is produced from sheet aluminium with a protective polyurethane coating on top and a polyisobutylene adhesive on the underside. Finished with a dimpled profile this unique construction ensures that NO LEAD is waterproof, durable and extremely malleable.

The polyisobutylene adhesive ensures a strong permanent bond to all building materials without the need for a primer unless a surface is extremely unstable and forming a watertight joint requires no additional tape or sealant. NO LEAD is extremely safe to use due to it’s light-weight construction and cutting and shaping is achieved with a knife or scissors that produce no sharp edges. Consequently installation is rapid and safe with no health and safety issues.

NO LEAD has a 15 year guarantee with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheets

The easy and long-life bituminous roofing sheet, ideal for stables and outbuildings. Great quality at a low cost. Available in 4 Natural colours (Green, Red, Black & Brown) and also a clear perspex sheet. Available with a 15 year guarantee.

  • • Cost-Effective
  • • Maintenance free
  • • High Performance
  • • Long life
  • • Non Peeling Paint
  • • Natural colours
  • • Low weight

Concave Trimming Knife Blade

Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blade

Hooked Pointed End Trimming Knife Blade

Dolphin Knife

Long Handled Floor Scraper

MR2 Latex Mixer

Spiked Roller (10” / 18")

6” Clamp

Knee Pads

Disposable Adhesive Syringe

Mega Mixer 110v

Copper Grinding Disc

Disposable Adhesive Trowel

Trowel Handle

Screeding Trowel

Cement Trowel

Measure Tape 10m

Digital Range Measure

Steel Profile Gauge 150mm

Roller Set & Tray

Grinding Stone with Handle

Weld Rod Trimming Tool

Hot Air Welding Gun

3 Piece Carpet Tool Set

Combi Scriber

Blue Carpet Foam Cutter

Carpet Shears 30cm

Shower Drain Pebble Cap

Pallet Wrap 500mm x 30m

De-Icing Salt 25kg

Handipack Tarpaulin 4m x 5m (15 Pack)

Large Paper Towel Roll

Tile Nippers

Spiked Shoes

Sand 25kg

Jeyes Fluid 5Lt

Multi Wipes Tub

PVCu Cream Cleaner

PVCu Solvent Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Graffiti Remover

Solvent Cleaner

Oil Stain Remover


Dual Protection Dust Sheet

Cotton Dust Sheet

DPM 300mu BBA Black 4m * 5m

Heavy Duty Asbestos Bags

Multi Tarp 4m * 5m

One Hit Wonder Lightweight Filler (500ml & 1lt)