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Laydex Breeze Grass

So you've been thinking about artificial grass, but want to feel confident that it's going to look and feel as realistic as possible? Then we'd like to introduce you to Laydex Breeze Grass. The two tone straight green yarn is combined with a texturised beige yarn which is designed to mimic the colours, shape, structure and behaviour of natural grass, then produced with care to result in a lawn that even nature would be jealous of.

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Laydex Fine Grass

The ultimate. The definitive. Laydex Fine Grass is a garden designer's dream. Inspired by nature, this artificial grass has a lush, dense and attractive finish that suits any number of design styles. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched and consideration has been given to traditional and more modern settings.

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Laydex Victoria

A dense, short pile, artificial lawn grass that has been designed for use when playing ball games in the garden. It has a strong resilient surface and has a high quality realistic look and feel making it ideal choice for gardens where ball games are to be played and for active family households.

Applications: Resilient enough to handle most rigorous children and pets and its good drainage means it can be used near water features. In addition to garden use it is perfect for roof balconies, terraces and patios.

Colour: Two tone, green and beige

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GRP Plate/Sheet

GRP Plate is a high performance structural floor panel/sheet that offers additional safety on landing areas or on sections of floor where there is a risk of accidents due to wet or oily conditions. Creates instant slip resistance on platforms, walkways, ramps and factory floors.

Can be cut to special sizes. GRP is 4 mm thick with an integral grit surface. Cut to size, they are quick and simple to fix giving a waterproof, chemical resistant and permanent surface. Suitable for pedestrian, vehicular and forklift traffic. Simply screw and/or glue to surface.

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GRP Stair Nosings and Step Covers

GRP Stair tread covers provide an easy, cost effective way to increase safety of stairways. They provide a solid surface that can be installed over wood, concrete, tiled or metal steps. GRP Stair Tread covers offer excellent corrosion resistance characteristics and are extremely durable and hard wearing

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GRP Stair Nosing

55mm x 55mm - 90˚ Deg bend - medium grade - colour yellow. Please specify what colour you require: Stone, Yellow, White or Black

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Tanking Membrane

Bondit Bitubond Tanking membrane is a cold applied, high performance, self adhesive, bitumen waterproofing sheet membrane. It is typically used as an internal and external basement or substructure tanking system or ground level DPM particularly where there is a large unobstructed area to be waterproofed. One side is covered in bitumen and one side is covered in a high-density 2-ply, cross-laminated polythene film.

The underside is protected by a release sheet, which is removed prior to the bonding of the material. Priming the area to be covered with a bituminous primer before application will improve the adhesion. Chemically resistant, the product provides effective external protection against aggressive soils, dilute acids or alkalis.

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