PC100 Inhibitor

High Performance inhibitor of scale, rust, corrosion, hydrogen gassing, microbiological growth and boiler noise. Suitable for use in all types of indirect systems, including aluminium based. Once added to system PC100 never needs to be replaced unless the system is drained down.

Application: Long lasting protection; will extend the life of the system. Non-toxic, safe to use, environmentally friendly. Non-staining, colourless formulation. Prevents boiler noise and pin-holing. Complies with latest EU inspection standards using the special “peel off” label to date the system when product has been added.

PC200 Inhibitor

Handy sized concentrated inhibitor for central heating systems. This concentrate provides all the benefits of its conventional liquid counterpart (PC100) with the added benefits of: Simple and quick application to open or closed systems via a radiator feed valve or filling loop. Ideal in situations where conventional liquid products are difficult to administer.

1 tube will treat a typical heating system containing 100L system water. No need to bleed radiators before injecting. Time and cost effective system.

PC300 Uniclean

Powerful universal cleaner for new central heating systems or those up to 6 months old. Flushes out flux, swarf, insoluble flux residues, jointing pastes and other installation debris and sludge.

Application: Ideal for use prior to application of PC100/200 Inhibitor Powerful, heavy duty cleaning agent. Eradicates corrosive flux residues, which could cause rapid pin-holing corrosion of radiators. Eliminates harmful copper deposits being left in the system.

PC400 Flushchem

A heavy duty flushing chemical for cleaning boiler heat exchangers, radiators and pipework in domestic central heating systems.

Application: Removes corrosion debris and lime scale deposits. Stops kettling caused by scale build up and removes cold zones. Can be used with power flushing machines. Suitable for use with all metals and alloys including aluminium. Can be used on multi-metal systems. Totally safe product; nontoxic.

PC500 Radleak

An effective leak sealer for sealing inaccessible leaks and weeping joints in a sealed central heating system.

Application: Suitable for reducing pressure loss from sealed systems. Will not cause pump or air vent blockages. Suitable for multi-metal systems including those containing aluminium. Non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-irritant. High stability, compatible with elastomers. Readily dispersible.

PC600 Noise Buster

A non-acidic boiler descaler which stays in the system for life; no need to flush. Knocking and kettling are usually attributable to hard water and limescale and sludge deposit formation on the heat exchanger surfaces. These deposits reduce heat transfer which increases fuel bills and reduces service life of the boiler.

Application: Removes scale and baked on sludge deposits, preventing them from re-forming. Restores heat efficiency, reduces noise and extends boiler life. Compatible with plastic tanks, micro-bore and all multi-metal systems including those containing aluminium.

PC700 Bond Flux

A water soluble flux paste. Radiator friendly as will dissolve in hot or cold water. Approved for use with gas. Non-stick formula, allows joint adjustment after fluxing. Fast acting, cleans as it solders. WRAS listed by the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme as a material which has passed full tests of effect on water quality.

PC800 Pipeseal

A solvent based cement for sealing uPVC, muPVC and ABD products. Brush applicator for easy use.

PC900 Pipe Jointing Compound

A non-toxic jointing compound which acts as a lubricant enabling pipe threads to be screwed tight. Easy to apply. Thick, smoothable paste.

Application: Suitable for oil, gas, water and steam applications.