Premier Sealant Range


A flexible joint filler, acoustic sealant and adhesive for plasterboard partitioning systems. A high quality acrylic sealant and adhesive with good adhesion to most common building materials.

Application: Suitable for interior sealing around dry wall partitioning to reduce noise transmission and for cracks and joints with low movement. It can also be used for sealing interior skirting boards and fixing plasterboard into partition systems to reduce vibration and movement.


A specially formulated silicone sealant for applications in the food machinery and food preparation industries. Contains a powerful and effective anti-fungal compound to prevent microbial growth on seals. The fungicide is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food contact. Will also withstand sterilisation cycles and the extremes of heat and cold. Conforms to FDA No.21 CFR 177.1210 and 177.2600, and NSF/ANSI Standard 51.

Application: Can be used to create waterproof seals and joints in machinery. To seal between ceramic tile and kitchen fittings and seal between walls and floors and also seal deep freezers, refrigeration units and food processing machinery.


Intumescent acoustic acrylic sealant and adhesive. When subjected to heat the sealant swells (intumesces) to provide an inert barrier to smoke and flames. It has non-slumping and rapid skinning properties and conforms to BSEN 140 pt 3; BSEN 20140 & BS476 pt 20. Note: The fire resistance achievable with FIRESHIELD AC depends upon the joint design, depth of sealant and substrates being sealed.

Application: Specially manufactured to form an acoustic and fire rated intumescent barrier in construction applications i.e. floor and ceiling joints, dry lining systems, partition walls, etc. It can also be over-painted within 1 hour with an appropriate paint.


A premium, high modulus, non-shrinking, marine quality silicone sealant and adhesive. It is unaffected by UV, ozone, salt water immersion and extremes of temperature and is non-slumping in paste form. HA6 contains no fungicides or oils which may leach into water. Conforms to ISO11600-G-25HM. Available in Grey / Black / Brown / Transparent / White

Application: Recommended for bonding, bedding and sealing glass in aquarium construction. Also suitable for the manufacture of in-situ gaskets and seals for pumps and weatherproofing seal for cabinets in dirty environments or external applications. It is ideal for use on glass, ceramics, anodised aluminium, primed metals and timber and many plastics. Temperature stability -60°C to + 200°C.


A ready-to-use, acetic curing, silicone sealant. Specifically designed for high temperature use, it is UV resistant and weatherproof. After curing HT30 will resist temperatures of 250°C permanently and up to 300°C for short periods. Conforms to ISO11600-G-25HM. Available in Black or Red.

Application: Generally used for sealing joints which are exposed to high temperatures i.e. connections on ovens, heating systems, machines, car bodies (vicinity of engine), etc. HT30 does not lose its sealing properties under extreme conditions. It can be applied to glass, ceramic tiles, enamel, epoxy paint and polyester. It can also be used with polyamides, ABS, polycarbonate, metals and polyester in immersion or humid heat, however, a primer may be required.

LA5 LMA SILICONE (310ml) BR / T / WH

An extremely flexible, non-shrinking, low modulus acetoxy (LMA), silicone sealant which has good adhesion, excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance. Conforms to ISO11600-F&G-25LM. Available in Brown / Transparent / White.

Application: Can be used bond glass and weather/ draught-proof door and window frames. It can also be used to seal solar collectors, curtain walls, air conditioning and glazing systems, perimeter sealing and cladding systems. It is ideal for use on glass, ceramics, aluminium, primed metals and sealed timber and polyester. Temperature stability:-60°C to +200°C.


A fire retardant, neutral cure, silicone for the protection of engineered movement joints in buildings. LN11 maintains the integrity of fire walls when breached by conduits, pipes, etc. And prevents the spread of flame, smoke, toxic gases and water. Halogen free to reduce the risks of toxic fumes and corrosion in the event of fire. This product offers up to 4 hours fire and smoke protection. Conforms to BS476 pt 20.

Application: For sealing panels, door frames, partitions and cap beading of protective fire glazing.

LN7 LMN SILICONE (310ml) BL / AL / T / WH

The most versatile neutral cure sealant available. 100% pure silicone, this product gives off no solvents or corrosive vapours while setting and cures quickly under all conditions when exposed to air. Conforms to ISO11600-F&G-25LM. Available in Black, Transparent, Aluminium and White.

Application: Compatible with all metals and plastics and contains no components that can degrade insulating glass seals. It can also be used in construction, engineering and electrical applications and as a high extensibility sealant for external and internal applications, including expansion joints and perimeters of frames. Also suitable as a rubber adhesive for bonding most materials and as a potting compound to encapsulate electronic components to protect from moisture, tampering and shock. Finally LN7 is effective as a gasketing material and as a bedding compound for glazing double glazed units into timber frames. Ideal for use on glass, ceramics, all metals and sealed timber, marble concrete plastics, PVCu and polycarbonate and all painted surfaces.


A one-part moisture curing polyurethane adhesive and sealant, with a shore hardness of 35, for the construction and transport industries. PU18 produces tough, elastic seals and joints with excellent adhesion characteristics which help dampen vibration. Also oil resistant making it ideal for the engineering industry. Conforms to ISO11600. Available in Black / White / Grey.

Application: Can be used for sealing and bonding in engineering, construction, automotive and marine applications. It is ideal for use on concrete, wood, metals, GRP, rubbers and most common building materials. It is also suitable for fixing wooden floors.


A high modulus, low maintenance, fungal resistant, silicone sealant. Contains a biocide to retard unsightly mould growth. Conforms to ISO11600-F&G-20HM. Available in Ivory / Transparent / White.

Application: Has excellent adhesion to ceramics, glass, melamine laminates and sanitary plastics. Should be used for sealing around worktops, basins, sinks; bed basins to vanity units and has also been specifically designed to seal shower trays and shower units. It has been specifically designed to seal in a damp and humid areas. It is ideal for use on glass, ceramics, anodised aluminium, lacquered metals, painted timber, painted plaster, sanitary plastics, primed or painted concrete and primed metals. Note: When sealing metalised trims, test for discolouration prior to application.


An LMN silicone sealant designed to replace all other silicones. It will not react with natural stone or bleed into porous stone and also contains a powerful fungicide to prevent mould growth. Available in Charcoal / Ivory / Limestone / Sandstone / White

Application: For most sealing applications including sanitary use, window frames, ducting, high temperature (up to 220ºC) and natural stone. Suitable for use on metals, mirrors, natural stone, granite, travertine, marble, stone, uPVC, concrete, plaster and VSG/LSG glass (laminated safety glass). Conforms to ISO11600-F-20HM. Tested in accordance to ISO846, DIN 18545, VDI 6022, VSG-GLAS.


A low modulus, acetoxy, silicone sealant that is fast setting, non-yellowing and waterproof. Has good UV and ozone resistance. WEATHERGUARD is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Conforms to ISO11600-F&G-20LM. Available in Brown / Black / White / Transparent.

Application: Should be used to weatherproof the perimeters of inset frames in construction applications, to seal pipe and cable runs and as a lap sealant for preformed panels. It can also be used as a general construction sealant and as a general purpose glass and ceramic sealant. It is ideal for use on aluminium, brick, ceramics, glass, GRP, primed metals and timber to many plastics (adhesion levels should be tested to ensure satisfaction).


A high quality, high modulus sealing and bonding material. A totally neutral "hybrid" sealant for use in areas requiring a tough enough elastic rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength. Conforms to ISO11600F&G-20HM. Properties. High modulus, remains permanently flexible. For sealing and bonding interior and exterior applications in all weather conditions. Can be over-painted. Non-staining (excellent for use on natural stone). Non-shrinking. Contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone and phalates and is odourless. Rapid curing. Resistant to UV radiation, water (including sea water), mould and chlorine. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even wet surfaces). Will not discolour surfaces. Wet on wet application. Available in Black / Crystal Clear / Grey / White.

Application: Suitable for filling and sealing of : 1) connecting joints, cracks, holes, etc. in the building sector. 2) for wooden joints in ship decks. 3) for bonding metal to metal (can absorb vibration). 4) as a high quality glazing sealant including for use with burglar safe glazing systems. 5) as a universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding stone, concrete, mirrors (with acetone resistant backing), natural stone, marble, gypsum board, polycarbonates, polystyrene, PVC, many plastics, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, wood and glass. For sealing and adhering shower trays, sinks, sanitary ware, drain pipes and much more. NOTE: This product is not recommended for use with expansion joints. Trade counter merchandising box available on request.

Xtreme Always

Anti-mould silicone sealant. Guaranteed to prevent mould, mildew and bacterial growth for up to 10 years! Suitable for sealing applications in areas of high humidity such as kitchens, showers, bath, wet rooms, sanitary ware, etc.

Can also be used around window and door frames in areas that have high condensation levels. Stays white for 10 years & protects against discolouration. Contains powerful anti-fungal biocide. 310ml