Radon Barriers, Sumps and Tapes

Radon Sump

Where sub floor depressurisation is required, then a Radon Sump should be used. In the UK and Ireland this is usually a requirement in Full Protection areas.

  • Strong & Robust
  • Easy to Install

High Performance Radon Membrane 300mm

High Performance Radon Membrane is an LDPE un-reinforced membrane. High Performance Radon Membrane is suitable for use in concrete floors not subject to hydrostatic pressure.

The product can be installed as an over-site membrane, either between a sand blinded hardcore (50mm of sand minimum) bed and the base concrete, or layered on top of high-density insulation (25kg/m3) with a concrete screed layered over it.

  • Accredited by the British Agrément Board
  • Prevents the ingress of Radon gas
  • High resistance to puncturing and tearing

Radon Tapes

To comply with the building regulations ‘BR211 guidance on protective measures for new dwellings’, all laps should be sealed with a butyl radon jointing tape. The butyl tape can also be used for adhering all polythene membranes to each other.

Top Hat

All penetration for services and drains should be sealed using preformed top hats, sealed to the radon barrier with butyl radon tape. Airtight seals should be formed around all service entry points. Top Hat Units are available for sealing around pipe entries. The base of the pre-formed unit should be sealed using radon butyl tape. Where there are pile caps or stanchions, advice should be sought.

Methane & Radon Gas Barrier

Keytec 400 Extra is a gas membrane, loose laid to a prepared substrate, which is designed to protect buildings and their occupants from methane, radon, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases as well as acting as a damp-proof membrane to protect the building against the ingress of moisture from the ground. The product consists of an aluminium foil, reinforced with polyester multi-strand scrim and encapsulated with a polyethylene film. It can either be conventionally welded with a hot air gun or bonded with a butyl tape.