Tyvek Supro

This durable Tyvek® underlay reinforced with a laminated Polypropylene can be used in all supported and unsupported pitched roof applications, including warm, hybrid and cold roofs. It is specially designed for the rough installation related conditions of fully boarded roofs and is also applicable for profiled cladding (metal sheet), pitched roofs and wall applications. Also exists as Tyvek® Supro with an additional integral adhesive lap.

AirGuard Control

AirGuard® Control is a vapour control layer for roofs, ceilings and walls reducing uncontrolled air leakage and heat losses. The overall balance in drying capacity of the construction is maintained with AirGuard® Control on the inside and a Tyvek® Supro on the outside.

Tyvek AirGuard Reflective

AirGuard® Reflective is a 100% air tight air & vapour barrier featuring a metallised surface with a very low emissivity, which combined with a non-ventilated airspace significantly boosts thermal insulation in a building. It can be installed in roofs, below ceiling levels as well as in walls. With the combination of the metallised vapour-open membrane Tyvek® AirGuard® Reflective offers two main advantages:

  • • Thermal comfort - it provides protection against heat loss by radiation and convection.
  • • An efficient moisture management - it provides effective control against interstitial condensation both by diffusion and by convection.

Tyvek Metal

Is a roofing drainage underlay which drains away the condensation that can build up beneath the cladding on standing seam metal roofs.

Tyvek ® Metal roofing underlay is vapour-permeable, yet water-resistant and airtight. When used in combination with genuine Tyvek ® accessories it can help to reduce condensation, improve overall airtightness, add thermal efficiency, and protect structural integrity.

Besides allowing condensation beneath stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and zinc roofs to drain away, Tyvek ® Metal also reduces sound transmission such as rain clatter, and minimises material stress by permitting a degree of movement between the cladding and the timber beneath.

Key Benefits of Tyvek ® Metal

  • • Water-resistant
  • • Airtight
  • • Vapour-permeable
  • • Allows movement and reduces material stress by providing separation between metal sheets and timber substrate.
  • • Reduces rain clatter and sound transmission.


Tape Ideal for sealing overlaps and bonding Tyvek® membranes to smooth surfaces.

Butyl Tape

A double sided butyl based sealant, used to form a moisture and airtight seal

Metallised Tape

Single sided reflective tape for sealing lapson Tyvek Reflex.

Tyvek Tape

A single-sided tape for sealing overlaps and making good around penetrations, pipes & windows.