Timbertech Underlay

Timbertech heavy duty rubber based engineered wood floor underlay is composed of a high quality, heavy mass rubber which significantly reduces in-room noise. It has an integrated backing fleece and built in aluminium vapour barrier to protect against moisture migrating from the sub floor, it is suitable for domestic & contract installations.

It is one of the highest quality room acoustic insulation materials on the market. Timbertech is thinner and much denser than inferior alternatives so keeps floor height to a minimum. Gives excellent impact sound and airborne noise insulation and the heavy mass ensures that the underlay has 100% stability with zero movement. Impact sound reduction 20dB.

Silver Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Silver underlay is laminated on one side with a metallised silver vapour barrier film to protect against moisture migration from the subfloor. Excellent static long term performance, Lightweight, Easy to lay. The 3mm thickness provides excellent acoustic performance, noise reduction and impact resistance. Features a very low thermal resistance so is ideal for use with Underfloor Heating systems. Integrated DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) overlap. Sound Reduction rating of 18dB.

Comfort Gold Underlay

Dense closed cell polythene foam underlay with a gold vapour barrier film on one side and overlap; for laminate, engineered and solid wood; domestic installations.

  • • Metallised gold vapour barrier film protects against moisture migration from the subfloor Overlap
  • • High density
  • • Extra thick cushioning
  • • High resistance to puncture
  • • Thermal insulation
  • • Impact and airborne sound insulation
  • • Shock insulation
  • • Takes out unevenness in the subfloor
  • • Long term support and protection increases the serviceable life of the floor covering
  • • Dust free
  • • Lightweight, easy to lift and manoeuvre
  • • Quick and easy to cut and install
  • • Eco-friendly

Carpet Underlays

Every new carpet deserves a new underlay It is the underlay below that carpet that adds to your comfort underfoot. It is far better to buy a slightly less expensive carpet and have it installed on a better quality underlay than have the finest quality carpet fitted on a poor quality underlay The right choice of underlay is crucial to avoid premature wear or flattening of the carpet.


Domestic Underlay

Greenstep is our entry level underlay, suitable for all areas of the home.

Thickness: 8mm, Density: 85kg/m³


Domestic Underlay

Our thicker version to Greenstep and offers more comfort underfoot, suitable for all areas of the home.

Thickness: 10mm, Density: 85kg/m³


Luxury Domestic Underlay

This underlay range gives the most luxurious feeling underfoot and is also suitable throughout all areas of the home.

Thickness: 11mm, Density: 100kg/m³


Contract Underlay

This is an extremely hardwearing underlay designed for the toughest contract locations, as well as the European domestic market where thinner denser underlays are required. Extrastep conforms to the International Maritime Organisation’s standards.

Thickness: 6mm, Density: 180kg/m³


Contract and Domestic Underlay

Ultrastep is the ultimate in quality and performance and has been created for the top end luxury domestic market. Its density also makes it suitable for contract locations.

Thickness: 9mm, Density: 180kg/m³

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