Artificial Grass

Geo Textile Fabric

The Geo Fabric Membrane eliminates weeds and worms penetrating the drainage holes in the artificial grass, whilst at the same time allowing rain water to drain thoroughly. This woven fabric is laid during the installation process, beneath the artificial grass.

Artificial Grasses

A homeowners dream. Inspired by nature, these luxury synthetic turfs/lawns are for anyone who wants the best for their garden, they have a lush, dense and attractive finish. Height and density of the synthetic grass are carefully matched to the characteristics of natural grass and are suitable for a wide range of different garden styles. For different widths or information on 3G synthetic and hockey pitches contact our office.

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Putting Green Grass

Does your small roof terrace need brightening up? Maybe your patio could feel a little more welcoming? Then Putting Green Grass is your perfect choice. The short pile gives this artificial turf a natural 'spring' making it feel comfortable underfoot. And it's the spring green colour of this surface that gives it a realistic look and feel that immediately makes your small space feel like a contemporary urban garden.

Laydex Lazy Lawn

We know that children like to play - often with no consideration for the lawn they are playing on. This was the inspiration for Laydex Lazy Lawn. This cost effective grass option is strong and resilient and will still have a quality look and finish after many football and cricket games. Much more than a sports surface, it has a medium pile height and rich colour that is very natural in both look and feel.

Nearlygrass 24

Are you wanting to create a space to relax with the family, to share barbeques, play ball games, picnic on the lawn? Then we would recommend Nearlygrass 24 without hesitation. Stroke this grass with your hand, or walk on it barefoot, and you will notice its softness on your skin - perfect for rolling around with the dog. Yet this tightly tufted pile is a durable turf to withstand many years of constant use.

Laydex Easy Lawn

If you want to go to town on a realistic looking lawn, then this is the artificial surface for you. Laydex Easy Lawn is a top quality artificial grass that's designed to make a bold statement in your garden. With its olive & avocado green colour this slightly longer turf is luscious and dense to give the look of an immaculately cut lawn. It is with dual height yarn that comes in two tones for a realistic look and feel.

Laydex Breeze Grass

So you've been thinking about artificial grass, but want to feel confident that it's going to look and feel as realistic as possible? Then we'd like to introduce you to Laydex Breeze Grass. The two tone straight green yarn is combined with a texturised beige yarn which is designed to mimic the colours, shape, structure and behaviour of natural grass, then produced with care to result in a lawn that even nature would be jealous of.

Laydex Fine Grass

The ultimate. The definitive. Laydex Fine Grass is a garden designer's dream. Inspired by nature, this artificial grass has a lush, dense and attractive finish that suits any number of design styles. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched and consideration has been given to traditional and more modern settings.


AstroTurf Quality: the only design mats that scrape the shoes and efficiently stop the dirt !

Astromat Jump: Silver Grey

Astromat Olympia: Caramel

Astromat Twin: Apple Green

Astromat Essential: Bordeaux

Astromat Essential: Spring Green

Astromat Twin: Beautiful Black

Silica Sand

Very fine angular grains that allow good compaction while also assisting drainage .

Tape for Artificial Grass

The Seaming Tape is a specially constructed tape for use with the recommended Adhesive in forming strong bonds when seam jointing artificial grass carpets. The tape consists of a strong geo-textile fabric on one side, which is laminated to a polyolefinic film. This prevents any penetration of adhesive through the synthetic grass surface.

Gripbond 310ml

Excellent stability. Useful as a small sealant. Easy application. Very strong bond. Suitable to apply in wet conditions. Simply place in Mastic Gun

Envirostik Polyurethane Glue 11kg (2 part)

  • • For all-over bonding artificial grass to hard surfaces.
  • • Easy spreading with hand trowel.
  • • Secure weather resistant bond.
  • • High initial grab.
  • • Good temperature resistance.
  • • Apply in dry conditions.
  • • Simply mix the parts until the colour is green and then apply with a trowel

Shock Pad

The shock pad is made of waste polyethylene foam (used in the furnishing industry) which is chipped and heat bonded to form a durable free draining and highly effective impact absorbing material. The foam's closed cell structure utilises trapped cells of air to produce a spongy, springy, cushioned surface which does not compress even after prolonged use and is virtually unaffected by temperature.

You can overlay any of our Artificial grasses on top of the shock pad.

Bowling Mats, Crickets mats and wickets - Available on Special Order!


Victoria Grass

Breeze Grass

Fine Grass Technical Datasheet

For datasheets and technical information contact Laydex office on 028 9038 3332 or email