Tremco Floor Coatings

CS900 Epoxicote High Build Epoxy Coating

Tremco CS900 Epoxicote is a heavy duty epoxy resin floor sealer which provides a high build, thickly applied solvent-free coating with excellent wear and acid resistance. A slip resistant aggregate can be supplied (called Tremco CS650 Epoxicote Aggregate) for wet or oily areas.

Suitable for: Warehouses, Chemical Plants, Aviation, Electronics & Engineering, Pharmaceutical production areas and Food Production premises.

CS930 Epoxy Dustproofer

Tremco CS930 provides an economical and effective answer to floor problems, providing a durable finish that is attractive and readily cleaned. Tremco CS930 is water-based, solvent-free, non-tainting and has a low odour. The product has a sheen finish.

Suitable for: Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Electronics factories, Engineering premises and Food Production areas.

CS933 Surefoot Anti-Slip Epoxy Coating

Tremco CS933 Surefoot is a highly textured, water-based epoxy resin roller-applied coating which geratly increases grip for pedestrians and vehicles. Chemical resistance is good and the tough epoxy resin ensures durability with an attractive matt finish. The aggregate is already mixed into the coating, which gives a more even texture than can normally be achieved by other products.

Suitable for: Food and drink production areas, laboratories, constantly wet areas and full fork-lift traffic.

CS935 Steam Cleanable Coating

Tremco CS935 is a solvent-free, two-part epoxy resin that will resist high in-service temperatures and steam cleaning.

Suitable for: Food and drink production areas, vehicle workshops where hot tyres may cause normal epoxy coatings to soften.

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