Flooring Adhesives

Spray Adhesive

A high strength spray adhesive for bonding carpet tiles and non structural applications. Gives exceptionally strong adhesion for a wide range of demanding uses.

Fitted with a variable discharge spray that controls the width of the fan. DCM free.


A premium grade, solvent-based, neoprene adhesive with high grab and long open time to enable re-positioning. This product is toluene-free!

Application: Can be used for bonding to cork, leather, rubber, metals, wood, chipboard, hardboard, laminated plastics (eg. Formica), dense textiles, plaster, stone, concrete, cementitious screeds and smoothing compounds. It will bond rigid PVC and PVCu sheets but the materials should be checked for suitability prior to application as plasticiser migration can occur in some instances. Note: This product is not suitable for polystyrene, polythene, polypropylene, silicone rubbers, bitumen or PTFE. The solvent in the contact adhesive may attack certain painted or lacquered surfaces. Test a small area of adhesive on the surfaces prior to full application.

Contact Spray Adhesive

Contact Adhesive in an Aerosol. Not to be confused with Standard Carpet or Multi Purpose Adhesive. The first product from the new generation of synthetic rubber/resin adhesives.

Its high solids/low solvent formula produces a quicker, stronger , more aggressive bonding system which out performs all conventional aerosol adhesives, Ideal for bonding laminates, carpets, carpet tiles, most vinyl floor coverings, fabrics, foams and felts, pvc skirtings and much more. Suitable for a wide range of applications including contract flooring, building industry, shop and office fitting, furniture industry, laminating, joinery, insulation, and boat, coach & caravan fitting & refurbishment.

It has excellent high temperature resistance (80°C), therefore it is most suitable for many automotive and marine applications and anywhere a high temperature adhesive is required.

Contact Spray Adhesive

A multi-purpose contact adhesive supplied in either 500ml aerosol or a 17kg pressurised container which is linked through a 3.5 or 5 meter hose to a spray gun, this provides an easy to use, portable, time saving adhesive spray system.

Can be used in a wide range of applications. Suitable for use with carpet, carpet tiles, linoleum, vinyl, laminates, fabrics, foams, felt, cardboard, paper, rubber, polythene and most plastics.

LX16 Wood Floor Adhesive

A solvent based, heavy duty, interior adhesive for bonding all types of wood flooring. Ideal for use where the nature of the wood flooring makes it particularly prone to warping when bonded with a waterborne adhesive. Easy to spread with a high shear strength and short open time. Suitable for use on parquet flooring, woodblock and wood strip to most common substrates.

Can be used with underfloor heating systems. Apply by triangular notched trowel, size as recommended by the wood flooring manufacturer. No waiting time necessary prior to laying wood flooring. Note: the correct sub-floor preparation must be conducted prior to laying any flooring systems. Consult our technical department for details.

Duo Wood Glue

Developed using the latest fast drying, water resistant, PVA technology, this product achieves a bond strength stronger than the wood itself. A cost-effective, water-resistant wood adhesive. Designed as a one-pack ready-to-use adhesive which gives a fast rate of bond strength development.

Suitable for hard and soft woods, decorative laminates, chipboard blockwood and other engineered timber panels. Can be used in applications where joints may be subjected to short term water contact or exposure to high humidity i.e. kitchen work surfaces, window frames, doors and stairs. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

PU5 Wood Adhesive Rapid Grip

PU5 One-part moisture cure polyurethane adhesives specially formulated for waterproofing bonding. These products are seawater proof and are resistant to acid and chemicals. Conforms to BS EN 204 (class D4). A solventfree, rapid setting thixotropic translucent PU gel which sets in 5 minutes.

Excellent bonding properties suitable for all wood products including garden furniture, staircases, boats, sandwich panels and insulation materials to most common substrates. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Gripbond Green Grab

A multi-purpose, synthetic rubber based construction adhesive that can replace mechanical fixings in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. A fast bonding, non-slumping, instant grab adhesive with good gap-filling properties even on uneven surfaces. It can be used in all weather conditions and is suitable for rough and porous surfaces.

It can also be overpainted once dry. Bridges gaps up to 10mm. Ideal for fixing a wide variety of materials. It can be used to fix skirting boards, door surrounds and frames, window sills, all types of cladding, wall battens, decorative wall boards, metal carpet edges, automotive trims and much more. It can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Floorbond PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

A premium grade, pressure sensitive, solvent free, acrylic adhesive for use with resilient floor coverings. It is non staining, has excellent resistance to plasticiser migration and may be applied by either trowel or roller. It is recommended for installing PVC, vinyl sheet and tiles and other vinyl backed floor coverings, cushion floor, PVC backed carpet, Polyurethane foam gel carpet, including impervious backing.

Floorbond CTT (Carpet Tackifier)

A solvent-free, acrylic emulsion formulated to provide a permanently tacky film for the removable fixing of loose lay carpet tiles. This enables the tiles to be easily lifted and replaced when required. The adhesive in non-staining, resistant to plasticiser migration and may be applied by either roller or brush.

Bond It CTT is a recommend for installing carpet tiles with the following backing: PVC, PVC/Glass Fibre, Bitumen/Felt or non woven fabric, APP and other polymer backings including polyurethane, Hessian.

Floorbond GPA (General Purpose Adhesive)

A solvent-free, high tack carpet adhesive with zero calculated VOC’s and contains Microban anti-macrobacterial protection. Fast grab, strong final bond strength, suitable over most underfloor heating systems.

Will bond the majority of carpets including, backings of foam, actionbac, felt back, jute back, latex unitary back , needlepunch but NOT for use with PVC back carpet. It may also be used to bond both rigid and semi-flexible vinyl tiles but NOT fully flexible vinyls. Coverage 40-45m² per 15Kg

Floorbond MPA (Multipurpose Acrylic Adhesive)

Multi-Purpose Acrylic. A light coloured, solvent free, acrylic emulsion adhesive. The adhesive has a long open time with early tack development, is non staining and has excellent resistance to plasticiser migration.

Bond It MPA is a recommend for installing vinyl sheet and tile coverings, cushion floor, PVC and PU foam backed carpets, the majority of other carpets and needlepunch / fibre bonded carpets. Please check with Technical Service for compatible products. Suitable for use over most underfloor heating systems.

Floorbond TS550

A permanently flexible, one part, ready-to-use, moisture cure, internal wood flooring adhesive. Free from silicone, solvent, isocyanates and water. Based on hybrid polymer technology it reduces the risk of warping or deforming the wood flooring due to its moisture and solvent free composition. Floorbond TS550 is solvent free and moisture free, quick cure and rapid bond strength with a permanently elasticity. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

For the internal bonding of parquet, mosaic, oak, wood block, laminated, exotic timber and many other wood floor types to porous or non porous substrates including screeds, chipboard, plywood, concrete and anhydrite.


Universal Flexible Wood Floor Adhesive

A permanently flexible, one part, ready to use, moisture cure, internal wood flooring adhesive. Free from silicone, solvent, isocyanates and water. Based on Hybrid Polymer Technology; TS553 reduces the risk of warping or deforming the wood flooring due to its moisture and solvent free composition.

Uses: For the internal bonding of parquet, mosaic, oak, wood block, laminated, exotic timber and many other wood floor types to porous or non porous substrates including; screeds, chipboard, plywood, concrete and anhydrite. TS553 is also compatible with substrates incorporating under-floor heating systems. Special nozzle to extrude triangular shaped bead.


Solvent-free dispersion adhesive suitable for bonding of textile coverings with e.g. synthetic backing, needlefelt, natural fibre coverings with backing as well as linoleum, PVC and CV floor coverings on suitable absorbent substrates in interior areas.

EMI Classic

A truly multi-purpose, pressure sensitive, acrylic dispersion floorcovering adhesive. Suitable for probably 97% of all floorcoverings onto porous or non-porous sub-floors. Emiclassic will bond PVC, Designer PVC, Linoleum sheet, rubber up to 4mm thickness, cushioned vinyl, carpets and has recommendation by major floorcovering manufacturers. It is completely solvent-free and has low odour making it ideal for sensitive installations.

It has a good bond strength, rapid curing properties, and requires only a short open time. Carries ECI rating for very low emissions. It is suitable for bonding textile wall and floor coverings, woven fabrics, needlepunch, PVC, vinyl, lino, cork and synthetic rubber coverings. This product in certain circumstances can be laid over old floorcoverings - consult our technical department for further information. It is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and has been tested for use with castor wheel loading.

Solvent Cleaner

Special blend of solvents formulated to quickly remove spillages of oil, grease, and adhesive from most surfaces, including carpets, fabrics and trims. Ideal for removing adhesive overspray from skirting boards, walls, doors etc.

AltroFix 19 Plus Solvent Free Flooring Adhesive

AltroFix 19 Plus is a solvent and water-free, two-part polyurethane adhesive that is not affected, once it has cured, by spillages of water and most other liquids. AltroFix 19 Plus is supplied in 1.5 kg, 3 kg, and 6kg units in the correct quantities for mixing. Both A and B parts are held within the container.

AltroFix 19 Plus can be used with all Altro Safety Flooring (in areas subject to spillages), Altro Sportflex, and Altro Mondoflex. AltroFix 19 Plus is also recommended for use with Altro materials which can be bonded to AltroEverlay underlayment. Not suitable for use on vertical surfaces. Colour Beige.

Coverage Average 4 to 6 m²/kg depending on porosity of the subfloor and trowel size.

Altro Adhesive Guide

AltroFix 19 Plus Data Sheet