Anti-Fatigue Matting

Millions of workers spend the majority of the working day on their feet and many hours in static positions. Standing uses 20% more energy than sitting and because human bodies are not designed to stand at work, prolonged standing can lead to tiredness, loss of concentration and increased health risks.

Plastex anti-fatigue matting range has scientifically designed 'bounce' that helps prevent circulatory problems by encouraging blood flow through micro-muscle movement.

How does prolonged standing affect the body?

Blood is circulated through cyclic muscle contractions. When the muscles are keeping the person standing through one long muscle contraction they are put under strain and cannot pump the blood back to the heart efficiently.

The first symptoms of prolonged standing are commonly tiredness, discomfort and fatigue to the legs. The feet are then most likely to become affected: the foot is made up of bones, joints, nerves, tendons, muscles and connective tissue. If these body tissues are stressed through prolonged standing they can become swollen which in turn can lead to chronic inflammation causing scar tissue to form and changes in the bone structure to occur.

Prolonged standing is also linked to an increased risk of varicose veins, heart problems, stroke and problems in pregnancy.

How can prolonged standing affect the employer?

Missed deadlines, impaired performance levels, increased risk of employee-related accidents, employee absences due to sick leave, increased over-time, the need to employ temporary staff, downturn in productivity, downturn in profits.

Finding a solution

Providing sufficient seating and rest breaks, which allow people to move around, is best practice but when workers must inevitably stand at their job, installing high performance, specially designed anti-fatigue matting can help reduce fatigue and minimize health risks whilst making standing at work more comfortable and also more productive.

Concrete is generally the worst surface to stand on. They also report that anti slip mats, and other regular mats, should not be mistaken for anti-fatigue mats. They should however still be designed for slippery environments, should not slide on the floor and have sloped edges so that they are not a trip hazard.

Plastex Brochure Workplace Anti-Fatigue Matting

Plastex's anti-fatigue matting range

Anti-fatigue matting for benches, production and sorting lines

Prolonged working at a bench is usually a static, laborious job, which is tiring, especially if the floor is hard. Workers at production lines must also either stand or walk up and down the lines which put considerable strain on the lower limbs and back. Spillages of grease, liquids, oil and water can also make the floor itself slippery and potentially hazardous.

A high performance matting system that combines anti-fatigue and slip resistant properties, with the appropriate degree of underfoot cushioning, will provide a comfortable and safe surface which will reduce standing fatigue, boost productivity and relieve back and body strain. In refrigerated areas matting can also provide insulation to protect from the discomfort and fatiguing effects of cold floors.

Anti-fatigue matting for operating machinery

For the health and safety and production reasons, it is essential that machine and control equipment operatives remain alert at all times even though their job necessitates them to stand for lengthy periods.

Anti-fatigue matting can reduce standing fatigue so these workers are less tired and capable of concentrating for longer, which in turn improves productivity. In addition, anti-fatigue matting, which repels sparks and hot metal shards, is recommended wherever tools generate heat and sparks.

Anti-fatigue matting for general standing locations

Employees in many industries are required to stand at reception desks and service counters for protracted periods without sitting.

Anti-fatigue matting can greatly enhance working conditions and improve the comfort, well being and performance of service staff who must also interact with customers.

Anti-fatigue matting for wet applications

For places where the flooring gets contaminated with the presence of liquids, chemical substances and similar, our open grid matting Heronair and Vynagrip have proven to be the ideal solution in order to prevent slip accidents whilst reducing muscle fatigue and back injuries, depending on the level of slip resistance required.

Plastex Brochure Barefoot and Wetside Safety Matting

In addition to the Plastex ranges we also offer other alternatives. This section includes mats designed using the latest technology. These Anti-fatigue mats are designed using innovative memory impact rubber which allows the body to naturally sway, this stimulates blood flow in the calf muscles and prevents workers feeling fatigue. The mats also reduce the effect of cold/damp floors by lifting the worker above the cold level ensuring your workforce will be fully concentrated on the job at hand.

Anti fatigue matting is not just for industry it can be used in retail and office environments too!! Just a few examples of whats available:

Air Rug
medium traffic anti fatigue matting

Cushion Trax
Heavy Duty Anti fatigue matting with yellow hazard borders

Diamond Stat
anti fatigue ESD Matting


Marble Soft Tile
Heavy Duty Anti fatigue matting for dry areas