Sports Floors

Specialist Flooring for Weight Rooms


Every flooring product is extensively tested and has been precision engineered.

Through thousands of hours of repeated load and impact testing all Exertrain flooring products maintain their shape and construction fully when even and uneven objects are slammed or dropped onto the product.

Exertrain weightlifting tiles are constructed to such high standards and uniformity that they are able to withstand high loads and impacts throughout the whole surface area. The tile size is 1m x 1m x 30mm with cross sections pattern inset to give the appearance of four 500mm x 500mm tiles.

The unique construction using strands and granular rubber means that all Exertrain rubber tiles do not break up or degrade under very high traffic, abrasion and impact. This unique weave holds the integrity of the flooring tiles throughout the total depth of each to remove any chances of punctures, cracking or depression.

The manufacturing process ensures that the same high grade of material is used throughout the complete construction of the tile to ensure there are no lower quality packing layers which erode faster causing surface depression.

If required we can also provide full site surveys and solid work drawings.