Gradus Stair Nosings

Stair Edgings & Trims

Gradus stair edgings (stair nosings) can help to reduce accidents on stairs as well as helping to provide an ‘inclusive’ environment giving access to all building users.

Stair edgings are used to define the edges of steps in line with guidelines in Approved Document M (ADM) of The Building Regulations 2010 and BS8300:2009+A1:2010. They also protect the edges of floorcoverings from becoming worn or damaged, prolong the life of the floorcoverings and prevent trip hazards from occurring.

Gradus stair edgings are offered in a choice of materials and four profile designs to accommodate most step shapes. A choice of gauges is offered to suit most floorcoverings, whilst single, double or multiple channel options are available dependent on traffic levels and condition.


Gradus Catalogue

Catalogue - Stair Edgings & Floor Trims - September 2012

Create Safe Stairs Leaflet

Gradus Stair Edgings Guarantee - 2011

LRV Booklet with Colour Sheets - February 2013

Ranges available

XT range - Aluminium & PVC-u Hardnose

The ultimate solution in reducing slips, trips and falls on stairs.

Aluminium Range

Functional and hardwearing for everyday applications.

Chrome Range

A bright  finish for a contemporary look. 

Bronze Range

Attractive & hardwearing for prestigious locations.

PVC-u Hardnose Range

Colour-matched channels and inserts for visual contrast.

Flexible PVC Range

One-piece profiles for light traffic applications.

Aluminium Edging

Aluminium step edging for light traffic applications.

Stair Trims

Neat finishing solutions for use in conjunction with stair edgings.

Floor Trims

Transition strips reduce the risk of accidents for pedestrian traffic by providing a safe link between floorcoverings.  A transition strip can also provide a safe joint where wheeled traffic is expected and ensures that trolleys can move freely between different types and heights of floorcovering, reducing the risk of trolleys tipping over.

Available in a wide choice of shapes and colours, transition strips can be selected to either blend in with the surrounding floorcoverings or act as a highlight to help determine walkways and other circulation areas. 

Gradus offers a comprehensive range of transition strips, which include Clip-Top, Clip-Top fx, MTS, Euro-Clip, PPS, Trans-Edge, Cable Ducts and Specialist Floor Trims


Gradus Catalogue

Catalogue - Floor Trims Guide

LRV Booklet with Colour Sheets - February 2013

Luxury Trim System Leaflet

Ranges available

Luxury Trim System

A premium solution for the neat finishing of junctions.

Specialist Floor Trim Solutions

Solutions for common problems encountered where different floorcoverings are used together.

Trans-Edge Heavy-Duty Trims

Ramps and joining profiles for the most demanding environments.


Two-piece transitions strips in PVC-u.

Clip-Top fx

Two piece PVC-u transition profiles for on-site curving.

MTS Multi-Trim System

Two-piece self-levelling transition profiles.


Two piece aluminium floor trims for domestic and light commercial use.

Euro-Clip System

Two-piece wood-effect floor trims for domestic and light commercial use.

PPS System

Two-piece silver anodised floor trims for domestic and light commercial use.

Cable Ducts

Profiles for securing loose or trailing cables.

Matwell Frames & Ramping Frames

A range of recessed and ramping frames for primary barrier matting.

Skirtings & Cappings

Skirtings, cove formers and capping strips are used to provide a clean, neat solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall. Solutions are available to suit most applications in terms of safety, performance and aesthetics. Gradus Stratum skirting is a cost effective pvc alternative to wood skirting, providing a low maintenance hygienic solution to wall base finishing.

Capping Seals, Carpet Caps and Tile Caps can be used with Cove Formers as an alternative to a full skirting.


Gradus Catalogue

LRV Booklet with Colour Sheets - February 2013

Ranges available


Gradus skirtings are available in a variety of designs and heights to suit the requirements of commercial environments.

Capping Strips & Accessories

An extensive range of pvc, PVC-u and aluminium capping strips, cove formers and accessories.