Instarmac Floor Screeds & Levelling Compounds

Level IT one HDB: Single Part Levelling Compound

Single Part Concrete Smoothing Compound

Level IT one HDB is a self-smoothing base compound designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths of up to 50mm prior to levelling with an Ultra Floor leveller. A product also suitable for smoothing cementitious substrates and fixed timber floors ready to receive ceramic or terrazzo tiles.

Open time 20-30 minutes, Set time 2-3 hours.

  • Industrial & commercial grade
  • Self-smoothing
  • Polymer modified
  • Hand or pump application
  • 3-50mm depth
  • Fast application
  • Protein free

25kg Bag

Level IT two: Latex Levelling Compound

Two Part Latex Levelling Compound

Level IT two is a two part self levelling floor compound that combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component.

Level IT two levelling compound is suitable for use over cementitious floor substrates, hard adhesives residues and asphalt, and can also be used under Ultra Floor Damp Proof Membranes. Open time 20-30 minutes, set time 2.5 hours.

  • - Polymer modified
  • - Low odour
  • - Under floor heating
  • - Protein free
  • - 2-10mm depth
  • - Non shrink
  • - Can be used under a DPM

25kg Bag & 5lt Bottle

Level IT super30: Self Levelling Compound

Two Part Rapid Set Levelling Compound

Level IT super30 is a two-part rapid setting self-levelling floor compound designed for irregular floor substrates. It will allow foot traffic after only 30 minutes and is ready to receive a decorative floor covering after 3 hours. Suitable for use over most rigid and stable cement based sub-floors.

Open time 5-10 minutes, set time 30 minutes.

  • - Self-levelling
  • - Polymer modified
  • - Protein free
  • - 2-15mm depth
  • - Under floor heating
  • - Low odour

25kg Bag & 5lt Bottle

Level IT HD Top: Self Levelling Topping

Industrial Grade, Self Levelling Floor Topping

Level IT HD Top is a cementitious self-levelling floor topping designed for warehouse and industrial floors when rapid strength and durability are a high priority. It can be pumped up to 2000m² per day with an application depth of 5-15mm, providing a highly durable floor covering that is quick and cost-effective to apply. Suitable as an open wear layer.

Foot traffic after 2-3 hours, forklift traffic after 36 hours.

  • - Pumpable up to 2000m squared per day
  • - 5-15mm depth
  • - Heavily trafficked areas
  • - Excellent strengths
  • - Protein free
  • - Fast application

25kg Bag

SmoothFlow: Flowable Levelling Compound

Highly Flowable Concrete Levelling Compound

Ultra Floor Level IT SmoothFlow is a single part concrete floor levelling compound which contains a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cements and polymers for smoothing and levelling uneven internal floors prior to the application of decorative floor coverings.

Level IT SmoothFlow has superior flow properties which aid fast and easy application.  Suitable for use over most rigid and stable mineral based sub-floors.

  • - Polymer Modified
  • - 3-10mm
  • - Rapid Set
  • - Pumpable
  • - Under Floor Heating
  • - Non Shrink
  • - Protein Free
  • - All Decorative Floor Finishes

25kg Bag

Level IT three: Dual-Component Levelling Compound

1 High Performance Leveller, 2 Solutions

An innovative multi-component bag & bottle system that allows you the choice of Super Dry or Super Bond characteristics.

Mix with Liquid A for enhanced drying and 2-12mm thickness.  Suitable for overlay in just 8-12 hours and ideal for use with underfloor heating.   Mix with Liquid B for these same features, with the added benefits of improved flexibility and enhanced adhesion.  This mix will allow laying over old adhesive residues, and plywood and asphalt.

  • - 2-12mm Bed Thickness
  • - 25-35 Minutes Open Time
  • - 2.5 Hours Set Time
  • - Overlay in 8-12 Hours
  • - Suitable for use with underfloor heating

20kg Bag + 5Ltr Bottle

Level IT BOND - Rapid Drying, All Purpose Smoothing Underlayment

Highly versatile smoothing underlayment for use over adhesive residues

An Ultra Floor Level IT Bond is a rapid curing, high performance two part smoothing underlayment. It has exceptional adhesion characteristics making it suitable for use on over a wide variety of substrates including sand/cement screeds, concrete, calcium sulphate screeds, flooring grade asphalt, rigid steel, porcelain, ceramic, quarry and terrazzo floors, epoxy Damp Proof Membranes, moisture tolerant adhesive residues and also for preparing timber floors prior to over laying with flooring grade plywood.

  • - Bonded floor coverings after 4 hours
  • - Use over adhesive residues
  • - Superior flow
  • - Moisture tolerant
  • - Low odour
  • - Versatile

Level IT FLEX - Rapid Drying, Fibre Reinforced Smoothing Underlayment

For use on substrates where lateral movement and vibration is likely

Level IT FLEX provides a rapid setting and curing, free flowing smoothing underlayment for smoothing a variety of internal floors, prior to the application of decorative floor coverings. It enables them to be loose laid in as little as 90 minutes (unbonded textiles), fully bonded in just 3 hours (on to solid subfloors) and 4 hours (on subfloors subject to vibration).

  • - Rapid drying
  • - Loose lay after 90 minutes (unbonded textiles)
  • - Fibre reinforced
  • - Bonded floor coverings after 3 hours (onto solid subfloors)
  • - 30 minute walk on time
  • - Ideal over plywood floors & on substrates where lateral movement and vibration is likely

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