Instarmac Primers

Acrylic Emulsion Primer - Prime IT AR

Acrylic Primer

A concentrated acrylic primer designed specifically for stabilising and sealing porous sand/cement and concrete subfloors in order to improve the adhesion of cementitious underlayments and repair mortars. Ultra Floor Prime IT AR can be diluted with clean water or used neat depending on application.

  • - Primer for porous substrates
  • - Water based acrylic emulsion
  • - Easy to apply & safe to use
  • - Seals & stabilises
  • - Excellent surface penetration
  • - Strong adhesion & fast drying
  • - Up to 200m squared coverage per bottle

5lt Bottle

Polymer Emulsion Primer - Prime IT N

Polymer Emulsion Primer

Prime IT N is a polymer emulsion primer designed to promote the adhesion of Ultra Floor smoothing underlayments to smooth non-porous substrates. It is suitable for power floated concrete, synthetic screeds, chipboard, hardwood, terrazzo tiles, steel, damp proof membranes, ceramic tiles, asphalt, epoxy, polyester and other hard adhesives residue.

  • - Primer for non-porous substrates
  • - Water based polymer emulsion
  • - Primes & seals
  • - Enhances adhesion
  • - Up to 50m squared coverage per bottle

5lt Bottle

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