TREMCO Floor Repairs

CS500 Epoxy Mortar Rapid Set

Tremco CS500 is a resin rich blend of specially slected finely graded aggregate and epoxy resin. Ideal for fast-track repairs of heavy-duty industrial areas. Can be opened to heavy traffic after just 3 hours.

CS400 Acrylic Resin Admixture

Tremco CS400 provides extremely hard-wearing, impact-resistant seamless flooring. When Tremco CS400 is mixed with sand, cement and granite, it outperforms conventional concrete, granolithic and other seamless flooring systems, typically laid at 12mm thickness.

Suitable for: constantly wet areas, food factories, heavy engineering, can be used to create falls on floors.

CS600 Degreaser

Tremco CS600 is a high performance emulsifying degreasant that replaces the traditional solvent based products. It contains no solvents or other chemicals that are dangerous for the environment. Tremco CS600 has been specially formulated to remove oil and grease from concrete and other masonry type floors.

CS980 Pavseal Concrete & Paving Sealer

Tremco CS980 Pavseal solvent free, penetrates deep porous concrete and hardens to provide a dustproofed surface. It can also assist with stabilising jointing sand, or to protect the integrity of block paving. Pavseal has a variety of uses on most industrial floors, including: warehouses, machine shops, etc. and for block paving on footpaths, pedestrian precincts, domestic driveways, office car parks, retail parks and highways.

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