TREMCO Primers

Tremco CS100 Epoxy Primer

Tremco CS100 is a two part water based epoxy primer and bonding agent.

Tremco CS100 Epoxy Primer is designed to prime Tremco surface damp proof membranes and other non-porous surfaces before the application of Tremco smoothing compounds. Specifically formulated for interior use on particularly smooth or dense surfaces such as:

• power floated concrete • precast concrete • terrazzo • glazed ceramic tiles • quarry tiles • hard flooring grade asphalt • rigid metal • sound paint thickness coatings.

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Tremco CS120 Water Based Epoxy Primer

Tremco CS120 is based on a blend of water based epoxy resin and curing agent binder giving the low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet the substrate, giving good penetration properties prior to overlaying with epoxy coatings, flooring compounds, etc.  

Typical uses:

This product can be used as a general purpose primer beneath the Tremco range of industrial floor screeds onto porous substrates. May also be used under cementitious screeds to reduce the porosity of the substrate prior to using Tremco CS100 Epoxy Primer.

Tremco CS150 Acrylic Primer

Tremco CS150 is a universal primer for porous substrates.

Removes the adverse effects of suction from the substrate including pin-holing and premature drying of the screed, which result in the loss of desired flow characteristics

Tremco CS150 Acrylic Primer is specifically designed for use as a primer for polymer screed applications or beneath smoothing compounds on porous substrates.

Tremco CS175 Epoxy Primer for Porous Substrates

Tremco CS175 is a two part water based epoxy primer that provides a breathable seal for calcium sulfate screeds.

- Excellent adhesion to concrete, sand / cement and polymer modified screeds, including calcium sulfate screeding compounds
- Water based, solvent free

Tremco CS175 Epoxy Primer for Porous Substrates provides a breathable sealer for calcium sulfate screeds. Additionally, it is suitable for priming new and existing cementitious screeds, concrete, brick and blockwork. May be used as a low viscosity primer for epoxy paint coatings on prepared power floated concrete.

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