Tarkett Sports Flooring

The best solution for every area and sport

Sports surface solutions from Tarkett Sports are in use in numerous sports halls and facilities all over the world. Their role is to support every individual in his/her daily sports or physical activity, offering the right balance of safety, comfort, performance, and aesthetic pleasure.

Tarkett Sports’ offer has been designed to meet all requirements – from those of facility managers to athletes at all levels. We are the only manufacturer in the sports flooring industry that can provide all types of surface solutions (vinyl, linoleum, wood and combifloor surfaces). We guide customers to choose the best solution for all aspects of their project – from installation to maintenance and lifetime performance.


The ideal vinyl multi-purpose surface

Omnisports is a multi-purpose vinyl sports surface that has been designed to accommodate a wide range of sporting events. Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports is available in five thicknesses to satisfy varying degrees of shock absorption and performance requirements adapted to all levels of sports and to different needs.

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From traditional to highly innovative wood surfaces

Quality wood surfaces are an integral component to the practice and development of sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball. Wood systems have seen considerable improvements of quality and sophistication of the sub-structure. Tarkett Sports offers 4 wood patented solutions to meet athletes' needs.

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Multiple levels of performance combined

The Lumaflex range is an exclusive combination flooring system that can be combined with an heterogeneous vinyl or a linoleum top layer. This unique pairing makes for an incredibly reliable system that conforms to the highest standards and performance requirements.

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Floor Protection

Extend the lifespan of your surface and your facility

Floor protections are essential to preserve your sports surfaces. Tarkett Sports has designed two types of floor protection to reduce the maintenance and wear of your sports surface: Protectiles and Touchdown. They allow a quick and easy conversion of your sports facility into a hall that can be used for non-sports related activities such as assemblies and concerts.

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A dedicated and innovative solution for each application

Tarkett Sports provides you with a comprehensive solution for your sports facility including installation kits and finishing accessories. With its complete range of tools, Tarkett Sports meets users’ needs:
- ensuring quicker and simpler installation for installation teams
- easier cleaning for maintenance teams
- better accessibility, comfort and security for players

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