Tarkett Wet Room

The ideal solution for wet environments!

Tarkett’s Wetroom systems incorporate floor and wall coverings and a full range of accessories including drains, threshold strips, sleeves etc. Hot welded they provide a durable, hardwearing and watertight finish suitable for a wide range of uses in applications such as healthcare, aged care, education, sports centres and housing.

Floorings designed for use with the complete wetroom system including walls, borders and accessories for a perfect waterproof and hygienic finish.

Granit Multisafe

Safety is always an important issue in commercial premises where many people spend long periods every day. In wet areas, safety is crucial for both staff and visitors.

Granit Multisafe is a special flooring for wet areas, designed for better safety underfoot. The flooring’s construction provides a good grip for feet even when the floor is slippery with soap and water. The dense, impermeable surface and the well-rounded studs means Granit Multisafe is hygienic and easy to clean.

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iQ Optima 1.5 MM

IQ Optima 1.5 mm is an iQ flooring from Tarkett, which means it is a high quality, low maintenance homogeneous vinyl flooring for commercial applications. The range includes 10 colourways allowing for great colour choice and is also ideal as wallcovering, installed vertically or horizontally for fewer seams.

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Safetred Aqua

For barefoot comfort

The non abrasive surface of Safetred Aqua provides added comfort in barefoot areas especially showers. The unique construction makes it highly flexible and perfect for coving and installing into drains and falls. Complementing the Aquarelle Wall HFS collection, there is a choice of 12 colours to suit any interior.

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Granit Safe.T

A crucial part of flooring comfort is safety under foot.

In some areas there is an increased risk for slip and fall injuries, and the right flooring can prevent most of them. The unique safety features of Granit Safe.T provide a slip resistance rating of R10. It is recommended for use in healthcare premises, schools, leisure areas, shops and similar commercial areas, whenever safety properties are required. Suitable for combined shod and barefoot use

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