Resitrix Waterproofing Membranes

Rapid Installation – Sealed for Life
…the best waterproofing membrane for every type of flat roof construction, with virtually unlimited application options.

RESITRIX® has proven beyond doubt its superior quality, versatility and ease of installation in practice over the past 35 years. During this time, tens of millions of square metres have been successfully installed Worldwide, in more than 60 countries, including various climates and the most exposed latitudes and locations.

ResitrixNever before has it been so simple and safe to apply a high performance waterproofing system with virtually unlimited application options, while guaranteeing a flexibility, which makes use of the various opportunities to optimally waterproof every type of flat roof construction.

RESITRIX® – the all-purpose, extremely durable and easy- to- install single-ply waterproofing membrane that guarantees ultimate efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

RESITRIX® is the only waterproofing membrane guaranteeing safe, simple and rapid installation whilst at the same time being sealed for a lifetime.

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