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Power Pro

Product Description

power-proThe ultimate grab adhesive for a stronger longer lasting bond. For interior and exterior use; Weatherproof; Solvent-free and odourless; Quick curing; Can be overpainted; Can be applied to wet surfaces.


POWER PRO typically has double the initial grab of most grab adhesives, eliminating the need for mechanical support in most applications. It has a high ultimate bond strength and is suitable for internal and external use, in all weather conditions. Superb adhesion qualities even on wet surfaces. Quick curing, weather resistant, isocyanate, solvent and acid-free making it safer to use. Remains fully elastic.

Suitable for use on metal, wood, glass, stone, polystyrene, concrete, plasterboard,   insulation board, ceramics, polyester and many more surfaces.

  • Double the Grab of the Majority of Grab Adhesives
  • Quick Curing
  • Weather Resistant
  • Long Lasting Bond
  • Interior and Exterior Use


For further information or to place an order contact: Neil Forsyth 07798 812161 or Nigel Hamilton 07870 848574 or email sales@laydex.com