Road & Civil Products

Bridge Jointing Compounds

Standard Bridge Joint Binder - BJ70 is a special bitumen/polymer modified hot applied elastomeric compound used together with clean washed aggregate of suitable size to provide an asphaltic plug in hot rolled asphalt pavements. BJ70 in service provides joints with a total movement factor of 50mm, is highly resistant to flow at road temperatures above 50°C and gives a waterproof joint without debonding. It meets Road Service specifications.

Bitumen Slabs 30kg

Bitumen is used as a binder, its properties of adhesion, cohesion and highly impermeableness make it resistant to most acids and solid salts at ambient temperature; it can be laid either heated or emulsified with water and can be recycled. Thanks to these properties, it is a material used extensively for the construction and maintenance of road paving and in a wide range of industrial applications where properties of water resistance and adhesion are required. The most important of these applications is the production of waterproofing membranes.


A premixed asphaltic sealant for driveways, footpaths and roadways made of the finest quality aggregate sands, fillers and bitumen emulsion at a fraction of the cost of replacing the macadam.

Paveseal dries quickly in the summer months and leaves no loose chippings. Does not fat or bleed in hot weather.

Oil Stain Remover

An oil ingesting solution for removing unsightly oil and grease stains from tarmac and concrete. Simply pour, allow to dry and brush away. VOC free formulation. Bio-degradable

Parex Highway CA1 - Premium Rapid Set Bedding Mortar

A premium grade bedding mortar suitable for a broad range of applications including bedding manholes and fixing road furniture at ambient temperatures down to +1°C. The material hardens within ten minutes to allow continuation work and road opening within one hour in normal temperatures and conditions.

In colder conditions, road opening is possible in 3-4 hours. The mortar is supplied in bags or tubs and is suitable for hand mixing on site with just the addition of water.

Size: 25kg

Parex Highway Framefix Mortar UF - Environmentally Friendly High Performance Bedding Mortar

A user-friendly non-shrink cement based variant of Framefix Mortar containing recycled aggregates and suitable for the support of road ironwork and highway furniture. The mixed mortar, when placed, will harden in approximately 10 minutes, reaching a compressive strength of 20N/mm² within one hour to allow early opening of roads to vehicular traffic.

Highways Framefix UF requires only the addition of water for site mixing and its rapid setting and hardening characteristics make it ideal for situations where an early return to service is required.

The material has been designed to replicate the performance of resin-based materials while eliminating the drawbacks associated with handling and packaging disposal. It can be applied at thicknesses up to 75mm with greater thicknesses achievable by building up in layers.

Size: 25kg bag

Parex Highway Fastpatch - Fast patch setting & repair

A fast-setting patch and repair material designed for quick setting repairs to highways, kerbs and concrete paths, allowing opening to foot traffic in one hour and vehicular traffic in four hours.

Highways Fast Patch is a two component mix incorporating a co-polymer latex gauging liquid. It produces a smooth fair faced finish and has an approximate working time of 20 minutes.

The material is chloride-free, making it suitable for the protection of exposed reinforcing steel.

Size: 10kg bag

Parex T10 Concrete - Rapid set concrete for road, street and post fixing

A premium grade rapid setting concrete designed for reinstatement of all types of road and street furniture at ambient temperatures down to +1°C. The material hardens within five minutes and forms an initial set in around 10 minutes to allow continuation work. It can be hand mixed and is ideal for use by mobile repair teams. It incorporates graded aggregates and special non-shrink additives.

A single pack mix with a low water requirement FSC10 can be placed at up to 500mm thickness in a single pass and achieves a final compressive strength of 40N/mm².

Size: 25kg bag

Waterproofing of Concrete Structures

Rubberised Bitumen Compound

Is a rubber/bitumen emulsion dark brown in colour applied by brush which dries to form a black, flexible waterproofer on walls and other above ground structures.

Bituminous Black Paint

A solvent borne bituminous black paint. When dry it forms an odourless and taint free bitumen film. For the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete roofing, felt, fibre cement, corrugated iron, asphalt and wood, against water.


Tanking Membranes

Tanking membrane is a rubber bituminous self adhesive cold applied flexible sheet membrane for waterproofing and protection of concrete in such applications as foundations, floor slabs, parking or plaza decks. It offers excellent chemical resistant from chloride or sulphate attack.

Specialised Products

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

A low cost engineering solution for highly visible linear and symbol outline. More durable and reliable than conventional paints, available in seven colours.

Specialist Safety Surfaces

Materials for High Function, Demarcation and Traffic Calming areas.

For further information contact Laydex Sales Office.

Joint Seal

Elastomeric fuel resistant joint sealant for concrete surfaces.

Cat's Eye Compound

Key grout filled bitumen for fixing reflective road studs. Available in standard or polymer modified grades.


Is a filled bituminous compound for jointing stone sets and cobbles.

Specialised Joint Sealants

N2 Joint Sealants and Anti-skid Overband Sealants

Polymer bitumens used as joint sealers for horizontal joints in asphalt / bitmac, concrete carriageways and bridges.

N2 Joint Sealant

N2 Joint Sealant is a low extension polymer modified bitumen sealant for sealing horizontal joints in highways and airfield pavements complying with BS2499 Type2:1993. It offers good extension over a wide range of temperatures with a high resistance to flow.

Anti-Skid Overband Sealant

An overseal banding compound with an Anti-Skid value of 55+ which is comparable with road markings. It is designed as a cost effective repair system for the treatment of joints and reflective cracking in road surfaces with its ability to seal and provide an acceptable skid resistance finish without spreading or deforming.

Probit J60 Skid Resistant Overband

Probit J60 Skid Resistant Overband is a blend of polymer modified bitumen, extender and high PSV aggregate designed to provide and effective overband to treat joints and reflective cracks in asphalt surfaces. Independent test results indicate that when applied properly Probit J60 Skid Resistant Overband will exceed the minimum initial skid resistance value of SRV60 as required by the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (HD31/94) and the New Road and Streetworks Act.


Quicksetts are a synthetic alternative to natural granite setts that require no excavation and can be surface mounted to sound alphabet and concrete surfaces and can be opne to traffic in hours. Quicksetts are moulded blocks incorporating granite and bauxite chipping which offers better skid resistance than other forms of modular paving. Aesthetically fitting with heritage areas, Quicksetts can be used for traffic calming, speed tables, roundabouts, boundary markings, edge details and decorative paving solutions.

Miscellaneous Products

Bitumen Boilers

A range of bitumen boilers, burners and accessories for the professional road contractor from 10 gallon, 15 gallon up to 25 gallon boiler available with taps and burners if required. AVAILABLE ON ORDER BASIS ONLY.

Road Cones

A selection of road cones in various sizes which can be fitted with special sleeves to customers requirements or made with your corporate identity embossed on the product.

Sizes available in one piece cone are:
450 mm weight 2 kg
750 mm weight 6 kg
1000 mm weight 9.5 kg



Barrier Systems

Various systems available. Manufactured from HDPE these barrier boards have an extremely long life. The do not crack or weaken in extreme weather conditions and will withstand rough handling. The board may be embossed with customers name at time of ordering or engraved at point of despatch.


Polyethylene Barrier Tape

70mm x 500m each

Laydex Barrier Fencing

50m x 1m each

Available in Orange & Yellow

Premium Underground Warning Tape

150mm x 0.1mm x 365m each

Line Marking Materials

Bond-It Temporary Aerosol Line Markers

High definition quick drying spot marking paints ideal where markings are required for up to three months.

Available in 750ml and 425ml tins in YELLOW, RED, BLUE, WHITE and GREEN.

Permanent line markers also available.

Thermoplastic Line Marking Material

White and Yellow reflective thermoplastic screed hot applied road marking material. Thermoplastic White grades complies fully with BS3262 and 8784, while Thermoplastic Yellow complies fully with BS3262 Part 1

Outdoor Surfaces

Rubber Play Tiles is a concept with Sports, Play and Leisure in mind. To decide which product specifically is appropriate for your needs, you have to first determine its use - whether for Play or Leisure activities. The Tile can be used in various applications.

Our Recycled Rubber materials are of the highest quality, providing comfort and Safety at all times, so you can just relax, have fun and enjoy your favourite leisure activities. The product is fully recycled and manufactured from Rubber Granulate bonded with a Polyurethane Binder, which makes it hard wearing and suitable for most surfaces where shock absorbency is of the utmost importance. Tiles have excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding ball rebound properties and cushioning for player's ligaments and joints.

Geo Textile Fabric

The Geo Fabric Membrane eliminates weeds and worms penetrating the drainage holes in the artificial grass, whilst at the same time allowing rain water to drain thoroughly. This woven fabric is laid during the installation process, beneath the artificial grass.


Turfguard is a polymer grid used for protection and reinforcing grassed areas to withstand light vehicles and heavy pedestrian traffic. It will permanently protect the grass roots from damage and help prevent rutting, for temporary applications Turfguard is simply rolled out and pinned down for immediate use.

Turf and Gravel Drainage Cell Systems

Porous surface SUDS compliant - Designed to support heavy traffic loading. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Ideal for Containment of Gravel

Plupave reinforcement structure acts as a containment solution for loose-laid gravel within paving systems. Unlike concrete systems the gravel acts as a porous layer which allows movement of water through the paving and into the ground below. When compared to loose-laid stone with no reinforcement, stability and rigidity is increased giving a solid road structure. The product prevents loss of gravel and arranges the gravel evenly across the drive/path resulting in an aesthetically pleasing surface.

Ideal to House and Protect Grass

The only product available that allows both horizontal and vertical root growth. Unlike concrete systems, the root remains cool and grass growth thrives. Driving vehicles onto the grass has no effect on the protected roots. Aesthetically, the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure. Plupave reinforcement structure creates an attractive, durable, hard surface suitable for light to medium loaded parking areas.