Roofing Accessories

We provide the following roofing accessories:


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Other roofing accessories:

Easiseal Pro

This product is ideal for repairing flat roofs, sloping roofs, leaking flashings, guttering and roof lights and cracked roof panels.

The ultimate alternative to traditional roof repair products. Quick and easy to use, it is applied cold, drying and curing is odourless (there is no release of chemicals) and the finished job is overpaintable with most paints: acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane etc. Creates an impermeable seal to repel water damage.

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VODIPREN 2PUR is a revolutionary product. VODIPREN 2PUR is a polyurethane resin based liquid membrane with a low quantity of bitumen distilled in solvent. The product quickly vulcanizes in contact with air humidity producing a very elastic and adhesive film with excellent physical and chemical resistance features.

VODIPREN 2PUR can be used for waterproofing new terraces, balconies, old felts, metal roofing, concrete roofing etc. VODIPREN 2PUR can be used as a single coat product and as a wet on wet system. VODIPREN 2PUR when cured is UV stable and able to withstand pedestrian traffic. VODIPREN 2PUR maximises your time.

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Bitubond Bitumen Primer

Use Bond It BITUMEN PRIMER for priming surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials.

BITUMEN PRIMER can be used to prime concrete roofs and floors, cementitious screeds/renders, bitumen felt, mastic asphalt, weathered corrugated iron and steel. It is the recommended primer for use with the BITUBOND range of bituminous roof coatings, flashing tapes or mastics.

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A brilliant white, alcohol based, solar reflective coating that when applied to a variety of roofing surfaces, provides lasting protection against UV degradation and solar heat gain. It is supplied ready to use and should never be diluted.

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Preformed external corner for felt

Preformed internal corner for felt

Standard Roof Outlet for Felt

Parapet Outlet for Felt

Felt Angle Fillet


This insulation is a sophisticated multi layer radiant barrier of low emissivity. It will stop as much as 97% of radiant heat transfer and therefore is very effective in heat retention in winter as well as heat reflection in the summer. Insulation is suitable for use in roofs and wall applications. Its flexible properties make it suitable for barn conversions and for the internal insulation of existing lofts. Eliminates cold bridging and is specifically ideal for loft conversions.

Alumaflex Tape

Used to form an airtight seal.

Butyl Tape

A double sided sealant used to form a moisture and airtight seal.

All Weather Roofing Compound (2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A general purpose, waterproof coating for all common roofing surfaces including mastic asphalt, roofi ng felt, corrugated iron, fi bre/cement, slates, lead, copper, tin and zinc. Excellent adhesion to damp surfaces, resistance to extremes of temperature and does not crack in the cold or fl ow in the sun.

Recommended where the threat of frost or rain precludes the use of an emulsion. Can be overcoated with a suitable decorative solar refl ective paint to prolong the life of the coating.

Application: By broom or brush.

Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint (2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A light/heat reflective coating that will provide protection against solar degradation and heat gain. It is suitable for use over bituminous coatings, aged asphalt and primed steel. It is a superior alternative to chippings when applied in a two coat application. Reduces heat build up and gives a reflective finish to bituminous coatings and primed steel. Suitable for the refurbishment of aged steel roofs.

Application: by brush or mohair roller

Bitumen Primer (1L / 2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A quality grade, highly penetrative bituminous solution for priming surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials and fl ashing tapes. Heavy duty formula making it suitable to prime concrete roofs and fl oors, cementitious screeds/renders, bitumen felt, weathered bitumen, mastic asphalt, weathered corrugated iron and steel.

Application: by brush, squeegee or spray

Rubber Bitumen Emulsion (2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A solvent-free, rubberised bitumen emulsion which dries to a tough, black coating providing a highly effective cold-applied, damp-proof membrane in sandwich constructions. It can also be used as a waterproofer for floors, walls and other above ground structures and acts as a curing membrane when applied to green concrete.

It is equally effective as an adhesive for wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, insulation boards, expanded polystyrene and cork panels, or as a plaster bonding agent on difficult surfaces. It can also be applied to damp surfaces. Resistant to extreme cold and has a low odour.

Application: by brush or broom.

Felt Adhesive (1L / 2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A cold applied, solvent-borne, heavy duty adhesive for bonding all types of bituminous roofi ng felts to asphalt, felt, metal and concrete. It can also be used for bonding mineral chippings to bituminous surfaces.

Note: It may not be used over tar based products.

Application: by brush, mop or squeegee

Bitumen Paint (1L / 2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A solvent-borne, bituminous black paint for the waterproofing and weather protecting of steelwork, concrete and potable water tanks. Used for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete roofing, felt, fibre/ cement, corrugated iron, asphalt and wood, against water.

Surfaces to be painted must be completely dry and clear of loose material and any corroded areas primed prior to application. Suitable for drinking water tanks as it forms an odourless and taint-free bitumen film coating.

Application: by brush or spray.

Trowel Mastic (1L / 2.5L / 5L / 25L)

A multi-purpose, trowel grade material for waterproofing, stopping, bedding, pointing and sealing. Can be applied to most common roofing surfaces including mastic asphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, cast iron, fibre/cement, slates, lead, copper, zinc, concrete and timber. Fibre reinforced making it ideal for filling cracks and holes and cures to give a strong and fl exible compound.

Application: by steel trowel or putty knife.


A brilliant white, alcohol based, solar reflective coating that when applied to a variety of roofing surfaces, provides lasting protection against UV degradation and solar heat gain. It is supplied ready to use and should never be diluted.

Specifically manufactured for use on mastic asphalt, BS747 roofing felts and fully cured bituminous liquid roof coatings as used in remedial roof repair applications. SOLARBOND does not attack bituminous substrates therefore preventing softening of asphalt and associated leaching into the dry film.

The solvent-resin blend has been specially chosen to ensure this. Can be used on roofs subject to ponding, as SOLARBOND is capable of withstanding total immersion in water for lengthy periods. Once applied it is completely water resistant (unlike water-based reflective paints), even where conditions turn to rain before the film has cured.

Silage Pit Coating (25L)

A high performance, brush applied, damp proof coating consisting of a bitumen emulsion which, when applied, provides a waterproof resistant barrier for silage pits. Black in colour. Also available as a joint compound for cracked floor areas.

SealAcryl (5L / 20L)

A solvent-based, multi-purpose roof coating membrane. Designed to prevent the ingress of water whilst allowing any trapped moisture to escape and evaporate naturally. Manufactured with fibre reinforcement pre-dispersed in the can for ease of application.

Benefits: excellent adhesion, application in damp weather, instant protection, superb solar reflectivity, reinforced membrane, one coat application, seamless, fully flexible, unaffected by temperature.

Application: For renovation of all types of roof structure. Provides waterproof protection of flat and pitched roofs, corrugated asbestos, roof lights, flashings, roofing felt, gutters, slate, asphalt, lead, glasshouses, metal and fibreglass. Will also bridge small gaps and cracks. A one coat application will suffice however experience has shown that a two coat application ensures a greater uniformity of coating thickness. Do not thin, apply by brush or roller.

Flashing Tape (50 / 75 / 100 / 150 / 225 / 300 / 450 / 600mm)

Crease resistant, lead coloured, self adhesive flashing tape for general repairs and sealing.

Application: Designed for use as flashing on flat and pitched roofs, parapets and chimney stacks. Also ideal for sealing around RSJ’s, flues, concrete columns, roof-lights, guttering and extractor vents. The strength of the facing gives resistance to puncturing and the bitumen gives flexibility and adhesion but without the problems of slump.

Acrypol Roof Tile Paint (10L)

Brings faded, discoloured and tired looking concrete tiles back to their former glory. Turning back time and recreating the tiles’ original colour, it removes lichen, moss and fungi whilst protecting against porosity and frost damage.

An incredible solution, makes roofs look and perform more effectively. Requiring only high pressure cleaning, an anti-fungal solution is applied followed by two coats of Acrypol for long-lasting protection and a natural, attractive finish.

Seal Tech AW

3M Emergency Waterproofing system combines the very latest in polymer technology in a material that provides excellent waterproofing to any roof or gutter area regardless of the weather conditions. With simple application by brush or squeegee, the product can be applied through standing water, in falling rain and at temperatures as low as 0°C. This material is fully fibre reinforced giving it ideal crack bridging capabilities and minimal surface preparation is required.

Anti-Climb Paint

A non-oxidising specialist coating, developed to deter and prevent unwanted intruders from entering premises. Formulated to remain soft and slippery, it also contains an identifying agent which will mark anyone who comes into contact with it.

Anti-Climb Paint is easily applied to most surfaces, including metal and wooden fences, brick walls, sills, gutters, fall pipes, roofs and even chain fencing. Once applied, the coated surfaces will be virtually impossible to climb or scale.

Asbestos Roof Paint

A well served product based on chlorinated rubber giving high chemical resistance. Used in high humidity environments and aggressive exposure conditions. The products perform well on most types of substrate including concrete. Other features include high intercoat adhesion, low moisture permeability and resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidants and sea water.

Uses: Where chemical and water resistance are required in aggressive environments. May be applied to most metal surfaces, asbestos and concrete. Ideal for agricultural equipment, fabrications, superstructures, roofs and ship topsides. If product is be immersed, recommend a minimum of 7 days before coating comes into contact with water. Some colour change may be seen.

Mariseal 250

Mariseal 250 is a single component, liquid applied and cold curing, polyurethane membrane. When applied it creates a root resistant, seamless, permanent elastic, waterproofing membrane, ideal for roof gardens, flowerbeds and planter boxes, where high humidity is always present.

Applications: Green Roofs, Flowerbeds, Planters. Also it can be used for waterproofing on roofs, balconies, terraces, wet areas, pedestrian decks, concrete structures etc.

Paving & Decking Supports

As well as increasing speed of installation and providing accurate spacing between slabs. InStar paving and decking supports also lifts the pavers or decking joists off the underlying surface allowing for sufficient drainage and reducing the risk of rotting.

In the case of inverted roofs (insulation above waterproofing) the resulting reduction of standing water and water absorption by the insulation help improve insulkating efficiency.

InStar Type R (Rubber)

9mm thick rubber and are non stacking. These decking and paving supports provide good insulating properties against foot traffic sound and vibration, 2mm levelling shims are also available.

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InStar Type P (Plastic)

A modular design allowing stacking

5 No: high to achieve maximum lift height of 150mm off the substrate

Available in thickness of 15, 20 and 30mm and with the option of 3mm levelling shims

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InStar Type A (Adjustable)

Adjustable supports from 25mm up to 270mm (bigger sizes availabkle on request) and allow the creation of large cavities beneath paving and decking whilst providing levelling of the traffic surface where roof falls are incorporated in the structure. Different head configurations allow for decking or paving.

INSTA-STIK Adhesive 750ml

The 'handy size' adhesive for the bonding of insulation boards to flat roofs

INSTA-STIK Roofing Adhesive 750ml is a specially formulated polyurethane foam adhesive for the purpose of adhering rigid insulation boards to flat roofs.

The unique formulation provides the optimum "open time" allowing for sufficient adhesive to be applied to the substrate prior to placing of the boards and provides a tenacious bond to resist wind forces.

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INSTA-STIK 13.5kg Tank Professional Roofing Adhesive

INSTA-STIK roofing adhesive for professionals has been developed for the attachment of insulation boards to a variety of substrates on flat roofs.

INSTA-STIK is offered as a portable, disposable pressurised container requiring no external power source. It is a cold applied system that is, quick, easy to use and provides fast adhesion within 20–45 minutes.

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High performance aluminium flashing

NO LEAD is a high performance low cost aluminium flashing suitable for use as an alternative to traditional lead in both flat and pitched roof applications. NO LEAD is produced from sheet aluminium with a protective polyurethane coating on top and a polyisobutylene adhesive on the underside. Finished with a dimpled profile this unique construction ensures that NO LEAD is waterproof, durable and extremely malleable.

The polyisobutylene adhesive ensures a strong permanent bond to all building materials without the need for a primer unless a surface is extremely unstable and forming a watertight joint requires no additional tape or sealant. NO LEAD is extremely safe to use due to it’s light-weight construction and cutting and shaping is achieved with a knife or scissors that produce no sharp edges. Consequently installation is rapid and safe with no health and safety issues.

NO LEAD has a 15 year guarantee with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheets

The easy and long-life bituminous roofing sheet, ideal for stables and outbuildings. Great quality at a low cost. Available in 4 Natural colours (Green, Red, Black & Brown) and also a clear perspex sheet. Available with a 15 year guarantee.

  • • Cost-Effective
  • • Maintenance free
  • • High Performance
  • • Long life
  • • Non Peeling Paint
  • • Natural colours
  • • Low weight