Alkorplan Single Ply PVC Waterproofing Membranes

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a thermoplastic membrane based on monomeric PVC-P. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN, although traditionally installed on flat roofs, is now commonplace on pitched and barrel vaulted roofs due to its flexibility and aesthetic qualities.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes have five main advantages :

  • Cost-effectiveness
    • economies on the installation costs: one single 30m² roll replaces 6 bituminous rolls in a 2 layer system.
    • economies on the structure costs: the waterproofing is 5 times lighter than the traditional multilayer systems.
    • economies on the maintenance costs: generally limited to bi-annual inspections.
  • Fire Safety:
    • up to FAB* (BBA approval 10/4808)
    • external fire up BROOF(T4)* (ENV1187/4)
  • Aesthetic: adaptable to most roof substrates, broad colour range and integrity of the seams .
  • Reliability: vapour permeability, flexibility, static and dynamic perforation resistance.
  • Durability: life expectancy assessed by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) as in excess of 35 years.


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The RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN range of colours

The RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN range in Belgium has the following standard colours: grey, anthracite, copper green and terracotta. The standard colour range differs from country to country.

Other colours are available upon request. Please contact RENOLIT Belgium N.V. in this instance.

(The colours silver and copper can be found within the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN METALLICS range.)

Alkor Roofing Accessories

Fleece 200/300 gms

Protects the waterproofing membrane from damage and stores water and has capillary function.

Metal Sheet

Galvanised 0.6 mm sheet with an 0.8 mm unreinforced RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® membrane laminated to the surface. The reverse face is treated with an anti-corrosion coating. UV stabilised, excellent lamination strength, excellent mechanical properties, can be cut and formed into any required shape using standard metal bending equipment.

Application: Specifically designed as an accessory for RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® roofing systems to provide high quality upstands and parapets, intermediate support on unbonded, metal profiles to cover parapets upstands over 500 mm high and linear edge restraint. Available in 3m x 1m sheets.

Detailing Membrane

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® 1.5 mm unreinforced detailing membrane and junction strip for waterproofing outlets, pipes, seams and Alkormetal sections.


Calendered/laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing. Independently conducted tests have classified the embossing pattern as “very safe” in dry conditions, and “very safe to safe” in wet conditions. (BST)*

Application: Walkway membrane for delineating maintenance, access and emergency routes. The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Walkway can be used as a waterproofing membrane in its own right.

Fleece Back

The RENOLIT ALKORPLUS® combined PVC/fleece, laminate protection layer is designed for use primarily on warm and inverted, ballasted roofs.

Glass Reinforced Membrane

Calendered/laminated, flexible PVC with laminated glass fleece reinforcing conforms to UEAtc guidelines.

Application As waterproofing membrane within loose laid ballasted systems.

Protection Layer

This is installed where round washed ballast is to be used; or under paving slabs and timber decks in terraced or heavily trafficked areas. Any variations to these requirements must be agreed with the Technical Department of RENOLIT ALKOR.

The material may be employed with either face uppermost, depending on the application. It is usually loose laid with a 50 mm overlap which must be welded . The perimeter of the protection layer is terminated just below the level of the ballast, slabs or decking. This product is not designed for prolonged exposure to Ultra Violet light.

Balcony/Parapet Outlet

The parapet outlets are designed to connect synthetic PVC membrane with rainwater drains placed close to a wall. They have a rectangular section for systematic water drainage. The flange is slightly inclined to the shank to aid a slanted installation of the connector. They have a smooth flange to improve the adhesion to synthetic PVC membrane.

The 100mm x 100mm has a square section. Resistant to deterioration by the sun, ozone and other agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere. They have excellent flexibility even at low temperatures. The mechanical properties are maintained in the long term. They are compatible with prefabricated PVC.

Rainwater Outlets & Leafguards

Unreinforced outlets for a reliable connection to existing outlets, including outlet grating: unreinforced PVC-P.


Extruded profiles can be welded to RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® roofing membrane to simulate lead, zinc, aluminium and copper standing seam roofs. The 3 meter lengths are spot welded into position and then the base of the A cross section is welded to the roof sheet.

External and Internal Corners

Although most PVC membranes are manufactured in standard sheet form to a uniform shape, they may also require an additional layer around awkward details and areas which are likely to get scuffed or stretched. These areas of the gutter can be the most vulnerable to leakage, so extra protection and strength across such details by a flexible, durable “patch”, which will adhere to the liquid waterproofing membrane, can improve the integrity of the waterproof seal.

Seam Sealer

When an area of welding is completed and checked the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® Seam Sealer must be applied. Ensure that the membrane is clean, dry and dust free before the application of the Seam Sealer. It is good practice to apply the Seam Sealer as soon as possible after the welding is completed and checked although care must be taken not to apply it to areas that will have further membrane welded to them.

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning is best done with a rag. If dirt is to be removed, use a spray with water and a diluted detergent with water or RENOLIT ALKORPLUS® cleaner. If bituminous products have to be removed from the membrane only RENOLIT ALKORPLUS® cleaner may be used.

Solvent Bottle, Brush head and Nozzle

SOLVENT WELDING : RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® can also be solvent welded but this can only be used for long seams, NOT for any detail work & strict criteria must be obeyed before the use of solvent welding can be approved. The air temperature must be above 5 deg centigrade, relative humidity < 60 %, it may only be used for welding new RENOLIT ALKORPLAN®, the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN® must be clean, dry & dust free & laying flat. Check the expiry date of the solvent. Do not use old solvent or solvent that has been opened at an unknown date. Do not stand the solvent brush applicator on the membrane.

SOLVENT BRUSH: The solvent is applied using a brush applicator between the sheets to be welded. The brush applicator is moved in a circular motion applying the minimum amount of solvent to both sheets being welded.

SOLVENT NOZZLE: Used to seal solvent bottle while not in use.

Aluband Jointing Tape

Alu-Band is a strong self-adhesive flashing which is provided with an easy-to-remove siliconised tape on the adhesive side and a weather resistant aluminium foil on top. The band is waterproof and weather resistant with excellent adhesion.